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Monday, January 31, 2005

Ready for tomorrow

So, the exam is tomorrow! I think I made quite a nice presentation! It is about A look at Programming Methods for solving problems of current Software Development. Take a look at it, if interested! I have also uploaded the latest version of the paper to my website.

I was talking about my presentation with my friend George (who is half Danish btw!) and he found the topic interesting and went to my practise session =). That was quite nice of him, as it is a lot nicer doing a presentation in front of a real audience instead of doing it just for myself.

This morning I bumbed into Jan and he said: 'Hey, who do we got there'. I said: 'hmm, Kenneth I suppose', where after Jan said 'No, no, our champion drinker!' :S hmm, what kind of image are I making of my self here?! :S Oh, apparently Jan just wanted me to participate in a Drinking Competition! hah...oh well..I am now on the team :) Luckely the competition is not about drinking so much as possible, but about drinking very quickly. Puh, that means less headache the day after!

Ingmar dropped by...

I just read on NPR that Brazil will move 300,000 government computers from Microsoft's Windows operating system to open source software! That is really cool as Brazil are now spending more money on paying Microsoft licenses than on fighting hunger! I am happy to have helped making these alternatives viable! Another related article can be found on FOXNews. Check it out, this is cool news! Maybe my chances for finding work there are increasing :D

This saturday, Ingmar came visiting me. I don't exactly remember how I got in contact with him, but I think he saw something that I wrote on the internet and contacted me. Since then, we have been talking a bit on and off as we are both interested in Low Saxon. Ingmar came by to meet me and at the same time make some recordings of his dialect. He brought me a copy of a Southern Jutish - Low Saxon dictionary that he bought in Denmark. Cool! He also gave me a nice old map of Denmark - in DUTCH! =) I hanged it up sunday and it looks really cool on my wall! It was cool meeting him and I enjoyed the day. I hope that he liked the lunch that I made for him, since I tried making traditional Danish æggekage :) Quite easy to make and really delicious - at least, I think that!

On this picture we see Ingmar just before we went walking in the city.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

I miss my sweet sister!

(and the rest of my family of course!) Well, I am going to be an uncle! :) Most of you probably already know since I got a bit excited about it! Yes, my sweet sweet little sister is pregnant! :)

I don't talk to her that much as it is too expensive to call her with my mobile (cell phone). She is living in a caravan, since she and her boyfriend are building a house...thus, internet is not an option either! Well, I sms'ed her today to ask if she could skype me the next time she were at my parents place, and she did so this evening!

It was lovely to talk to her again! I was kind of curious to know whether it is going to be a boy or a girl, but she decided not to know before the actual birth. Further, we talked a bit about my Lívia and me and I sent her some photos. She thought we looked really cute together!!! and with a little embarrasses voice she said that Lívia looked almost as cute as herself :D hahah...well, because as my sister said, she won't allow anyone to be more precious in my life than herself...silly sister :) of course she will always have a special place in my heart! She also asked if I felt really happy with Lívia and I told her that I TOTALLY do! REALLY! She could also feel that, and she said and I felt that it made her really happy! :) Great!

I hope that Lívia and me can make a trip to Denmark in two months time or so. I would really like that.

Various ramblings

I guess that many of you have seen the recently re-released pictures of Microsoft's Bill Gates posing in front of a computer running Microsoft software. Well, if you haven't, you can watch the funny pictures here. Anyway, Novell employee, friend of me, and one of the most important influence-rich personalities within the field of IT, Miguel de Icaza, apparently found the pictures funny and decided to pose in front of their product, Novell Linux Desktop :). The pictures are taken by his good friend Nat Friedmann who also works for Novell. The photos can be seen here: 1, 2, 3. Very funny! And no, even though that these pics might suggest it, Miguel is not gay. In-fact, he is married to Laura.

5 days till I am with my girlfriend again!!! YES!!! It is getting closer and closer.

Last time I was there I had a delay of 2 hours in Frankfurt am Main and when I finally got on the train I didn't have a reservation for a seat anymore...So I had to stand up for a long time :S Well, I read on the papers that I got along with the tickets, that if I had a delay of more than 1 hour I could get a refund! Cool, so I went complaining and started hoping for 20 euros :P Yesterday, I finally got a letter from the NS, with the wording '...U verzoekt ons om restitutie. Graag delen wij u mee dat wij aan dit verzoek zullen voldoen. Binnen drie weken kunt u een bedrag van 2 EUR op rekeningnummer ... verwachten.' (Dutch). Gosh! hahaha...well, that was far less than 20 euros =) Actually, it almost costed them the same sending me the letter. Oh, well :P

Friday, January 28, 2005

The last couple of days

So what has happened the last couple of days? Well, the most shocking news is that my sister is pregnant! (for 2 months already) which means that I am going to be an uncle! :D Congratulation to you two, Janne-Lykke and Tommy!!!

Apart from that, not that much has happened. I have mostly been sitting at home trying to work on some quite boring papers. The first one in Embedded Systems turned out quite well, I think.

Wednesday evening I got a call from my fellow Dane here in Groningen. He sounded a bit stressed and mumbled something, like "...the cops are after me, can I hide in your room" :P Oh, well...apparently he was biking without lights on and the cops saw him :) Anyway, he turned to my street and went visiting me instead of drinking a cop of coffee with the police. Anyway, it was around 10 o' clock and since it was the last Wednesday of the month, most people from school normally gather at a local bar...and so did we :) Both me and Jens felt a bit tired and wanted to leave early, but every time my beer was up someone handed me a new I got home later than 4am...on well, another day of 5 hours of sleep.

Yesterday, I got a huge package from Helge. He sent me a Saterfrisian dictionary and some Low Saxon films, and some more stuff to help improving my German. Cool! So, yesterday I was watching movies and documentaries the whole time :) nice nice. The dictionary is also quite cool, as it also talks about grammar, pronunciation etc!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Am Deutschlernen

So, I started to learn German again. I always felt that I was quite bad at it, but Lívia's German family thought I spoke good German and so said my German friend Helge.

Well, that is actually a bit strange as I didn't use the language much the last 7-8 years. Actually, I never really used it. I did live in Germany for a little month (9 years ago?) or so, but for the rest I have only spoken German with my German teacher :S

I used to have German lessons at school, but our first teacher got ill after 2-3 weeks and died shortly thereafter. We got a replacement teacher, but she didn't really master the language. We got some papers to fill in the right articles and if you asked her if you had done it right, she would have to look at the solution provided with the study book :S We changed teacher again, and the new teacher told me that I would never learn to speak any other language than Danish! There you go, not much believe in my abilities...and thus I learned nothing and barely passed my first exam.

My next exam went a lot better, but I have to thanks the neighbor wife for that! Every time I had written a lousy essay we sat down with me and we corrected to "together". She tried explaining me how it worked, but "together" is a bit wrong, as it was all to much and too difficult a level for me, so I simply gave up...and she ended up correcting it while I was just sitting next to her! But I did learn something! Because I did get a reasonable grade for my exam! Thanks a lot Kirsten for spending so much time for me!

Anyway, that is not 7-8 years ago! I was quite young then and have since forgotten most... or maybe not. I guess that I got better at German indirectly by learning Spanish and later Dutch and Low Saxon. German seems a lot more logical now, and the relation between other languages help me a lot.

Though, I have few problems communicating in German, I want to learn to speak it less faulty and I want to learn to write it better as well :) This is also a requirement if I am going to live, study and work in Germany :) But I am a lucky guy since I have good friends, and Helge is teaching me German grammar online! That is sooo cool and nice of him! Bedankt mien Oostfreeske fründ! Vielen dank mein Ostfriesischer freund!

I also got a lot of hörspiele so that I can listen to German and pick up words!

Lets see how much I have improved next time I am in Passau :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I could have been dead

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I woke up early thinking that it smelled funny in my room, like a gas smell...:S Well, opened up all the doors (one to the terrace) and I went around to check if there should me some gas lines in my room that I didn't know about. Negative...Couldn't find one at all..and it wasn't my refriguator either...*-) WEIRD! Well after trying to figure out where the smell came from I came to the conclusion that I am paranoïd and that it was just a mixture of the smell from my tea, coffee and the tropical fruits that I bought at the market.

I started working, closed the doors as it was really cold outside...I felt kind of bad but got quite busy with writing my paper! Then some one came by and told to go get out immediately..."Your room smells extremely much of gas!" Me: "Huh, you also think that?". Doors open again and I some more people came to my room..."yeah, this is definitely gas".

I tried calling the Land Lord and the Handyman but I couldn't really get in contact with anyone :S Later in the evening I did get in contact with the handyman and it turned out that there was in fact a gas cable in my room. HIDDEN UNDER THE CARPET! ?!?! OK, the I cut a whole in the carpet and there was indeed a valve! It could easily be opened so that a lot of gas was streaming out, but it was indeed closed. I tried closing it further but it was not possible - there was still streaming out a lot of gas...if you closed the door so there was no wind, you could even feel it with your finger!!! Dangerous! Luckily the handyman came by and fixed it! and he promised to fix it at the source next week! Thanks a lot!

Apparently, they use to have a gas heater here and this was a left over that had never been fully removed...I am still kind of shocked. What would have happened if I had slept 3 hours later? and what if one of my house mates had walked in the hallway with a cigarette - which they do from time to time. :S Shee...we would have had an explotion and I wouldn't have been here to write this... I guess it will take some time forgetting about this! Thanks my Guardian Angle!

Monday, January 17, 2005

There is not much to say about this weekend, because I don't possess the words to describe it =)

I took the step and went to Passau to meet minha Lívia, who is now my sweet sweet namorada! Oh God! It is the best thing that I have ever done, because I had a weekend that stands out as something very special in my life. This was the best weekend that I have ever had. I cannot think of anything that comes near. If felt like the best dream that you can imagine, but it was all so very real and sweet.

Monday, January 10, 2005

...ik ha ek in bytsje Frysk praat

The most of today was quite boring. Well I did talk a bit with minha fofinha so that helped a lot on my mood.

This evening I went to Leeuwarden/Ljouwart/Liwward with the train. I kind of had no idea how to get there, now I was not driving with anyone, so I went with Maaike and Femmigje, who are teaching Dutch people to speak Scandinavian languages :) Maaike is teaching Swedish and Femmigje is teaching Norwegian.

On the way back I was in a hurry. I needed to get to the train station and I needed to find someone to drive with, because it is quite a long walk! and I don't know the way! :) A guy I know drove me, but he also didn't know the direction so we were kind of lost in Leeuwarden, but by asking every 200 meter we finally got there. Luckily the train was 5 min delayed so I got on it just in time before it departed! Lucky! There is no fun in standing one hour at the station - in rain and wind!

In the train I met Femmigje again and ate most of her chocolate :-P It just tasted so nice. Femmigje turned out to be nice to talk to and we had probably the most international talk that I have ever had. We spoke in Norwegian, Danish, Jutish, Norwegian and Frisian :D switching like every five minutes. Femmigje has a Danish husband who apparently likes Western Jutish a lot, so to make some fun with him I had to call him and speak Western Jutish :D haha...that was kind of funny. It was also cool to speak some Frisian with Femmigje. I don't really have any friends speaking that and I really want to learn it. I am kind of bad at it, but understanding Femmigje wasn't that difficult.

We had a nice chat and I think we arranged that I should eat dinner with her and her husband least she said that her husband could make frikadeller and brunsviger for me. NICE!

I also learned that you can say lekker koesse for sleep tight in Frisian. That is pronounced exactly like Danish, lækker kusse...which means something totally different :) If you say that I am not sure that you are going to sleep.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Bear's Kiss

Today I was supposed to work on my project, but since the files that I needed was on GMail and my internet was not working, I decided to read a bit and then watch some television. I turned in on NL3 and saw a bit of the movie called A Bear's Kiss. The girl in the movie reminded me of my friend Isa, which I found was quite funny. What was more funny was that Isa has a German boyfriend called Misha and the movie was taking place in Germany (at least when I started watching it). The girl who could speak Spanish (Isa is Brazilian, so maybe there is a Latin connection :)) was in love with a bear that some times turned into a guy. When I heard the name of the bear/guy I got a shock... he was called Misha - Just like Isa's boyfriend! What a coincident! Funny though!

I read yesterday - I think on /. - that many websites have been blocked in Iran! That is very sad as many Iranians are using sites like and to communicate with the rest of the world. Well, maybe this is exactly what the responsible people want to prevent :(

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Sometimes it is really funny to be silly :)

Kennie siger:
så er det så nu du skal accepterer
Overførsel af "" er gennemført.
Solsikken Møntsol siger:
nå ok
Kennie siger:
Kennie siger:
ja må holde sådan en edb-nybegynder i hånden...det er jo lidt svært
Solsikken Møntsol siger:
ja, men jeg er i gang med at tage mit pc-kørekort
Kennie siger:
held og lykke med det!
Kennie siger:
hvilket forsøg er du på?
Solsikken Møntsol siger:
Solsikken Møntsol siger:
det er det ottende - men spørgsmålene er altså også rigtig svære!
Kennie siger:
ja ja...jeg ved det! men nu har jeg næsten mit
Solsikken Møntsol siger:
din heldige kartoffel
Kennie siger:
nu kan jeg også starte 7 kabale! er RET så stolt!
Solsikken Møntsol siger:
det må du lære mig en dag
Kennie siger:
ahh tror nu det kommer til at tage 2!
Solsikken Møntsol siger:
Kennie siger:
men der efter kan man også starte det på under 10 minutter!
Kennie siger:
har også lært hvad man skal gøre hvis man kommer til at minimere det! bare ctrl-alt delete og så lykke computeren og starte forfra
Kennie siger:
så kan man inden for 10 minutter spille videre
Solsikken Møntsol siger:
det er sgu snedigt
Kennie siger:
ja, det er noget af et fif!
Kennie siger:
det er en af dem der kan give en 13 ved eksamenen!

Today was an okayish day. I got up a bit late and went to the city to shop a bit and buy a little was awful weather! blowing extremely much...the orcan actually started yesterday but today it is far worse. I heard and saw scary photos from Denmark, where it apparently is far worse than here! I just cross my fingers that my terasse door will stand the wind!

Today, I relaxed a bit and I also got around to talking and chatting with some of my good friends! NICE! In the morning I talked to my Norwegian friend Geir that I didn't speak with for a looooong time! It was so nice talking to him again! He and his group are finished with their recording their album and are now hoping to get a record deal. From what I have heard I think they will have a good chance! I will them the best of luck! Geir also told me that he got 10 in Physics 12 at the University of Copenhagen! Wow! That is really good of him! Makes me proud!

I also got around to talk to my friend Rasmus from Copenhagen. I am trying to get him and Geir to visit me in Marts or so when Geir has some more money! I would really like that!

Now it is getting quite late...and I should think about going to bed...but first I am going to get something to eat! YES, I am starting to eat normally again!

Just heard that people died under the orcan in Denmark :S Some by getting a roof in their heads...and on Politiken Online I see headlines as:
  • Kraftisk brand på hollandsk skib i Nordsøen (huge fire on Dutch ship in the North See)
  • 15.000 husstande uden elektrisitet (15.000 houses without electricity),
  • Storm lammer trafikken (Storm hurts the traffic)
  • Stormflod er ingen garanti for erstatning (Storm flood is no guarantee for financial compensation)
  • Stormen stopped samtlige S-tog (The storm stops all stop-trains).

Friday, January 07, 2005

K'eb 't druk...en ik verveel me zo.

Today has been quite boring; so far at least. I slept until around 10, since I was extremely tired of the bus drive yesterday. Shortly after I got some breakfast and started working on my project. I am currently working together with my friend Aard on a project where we try to visualize how a coral (think coral reef) grows.

It involves implementing a so-called lattice-Boltzmann method, which shouldn't actually be that difficult. Unfortunately, we are plagues with weird mistakes and understanding why it goes wrong and fixing it is very hard. Aard is a lot better at me, as he working with something similar before (as far as I understood) and has studied physics, which I only did for one university year.

Anyway, I spend most of my day looking over the code, understanding it, looking at the formulae, comparing, trying to understand the formulae, mailing Aard to hear if I was thinking right. It felt very bad as I worked hard and didn't accomplish anything! Luckily Aard later found a very stupid mistake, so we might get later this evening or tomorrow.

I just took a break to make some dinner. I choose for Soto, which is a nice Indonesian soup. Unfortunately, it is kind of hard serving because of the mie (kind of spaghetti like noodles) and I ended up making myself quite dirty :) oh, well...I have plenty of t-shirts to choose from :)

I also got around to skype a bit with Helge as it can be quite hard explaining pronunciation without speaking :) Anyway, he says that I am lucky to speak Danish as I can then very easily differenciate different phonemes - I guess he is right :P

Next week, right this time, I know I will be very happy.

Sometimes I don't understand religious people

Well, I once believed that religion was good and that people who followed - at least the religions that I knew - were good people. Unfortunately, many wars are based on religion and since I have moved to the Netherlands I have gotten a different view on religious people. I cannot comment on all religious people, but I have met some young people who seemed so mean to people who didn't believe in the same as they did. I always lived by the motto that I had to accept differences or at least try understanding them, but this is not what these people seems that they see everyone else as the devil.

Anyway, today I was reading a blog at Lyngaard and I was brought to the attention of What?!! The WestBoro Baptist Church apparently thanks God for for the tsunami and the lost of many Swedish lives and since "filthy, fagoot Swedes have a satanic, draconian law criminalizing Gospel preaching under which they prosecuted, convicted and sentenced Pastor Ake Green to jail - thereby incurring God's irreversible wrath..." (link).

I first thought it was a joke - albeit a very bad one - as many others, but I have been told that it is far from. I don't really know what to say, I am kind of speechless...

The Church makes the statement that all the Sweden go to Thailand to rape and sodomize little Thai boys and girls. I am pretty sure that some are doing this and it saddens me a lot and I think our society should do something about it. But I am also confident that it is far from all of the 20.000 Sweden who went there. But the church doesn't make a different and blames the whole nation..puh...gosh..there are probably also some Americans who do it, so maybe we should blame and wish all Americans dead..I THINK NOT! We can also say that it is people who are doing it, so we should blame all of humanity! ...anyway...I don't feel like writing much more about is just too sick!

Back at last!

So today I took the Eurolines bus back to Groningen. It really feels weird sitting in an automobile when the sun raises and still when it goes down again. The bus was pretty crowded and I had too much luggage with me so I had to sit with some of it on my legs - for 11 hours! :S

Anyway, from Kolding to Flensburg I got to sit alone...It is the first time the bus has stopped in Flensburg that I remember. Apparently, they were bringing some Germans to Berlin. In Flensburg I got to sit next to an older lady. She had some trouble with walking and after I helped her getting settled she started to talk a lot. She seemed to be a very kind old lady. She told me about how she went to Fanø on vacation for the last 30 years, about her now-dead husband, about her live in Berlin and about the route we were driving :) I think she liked a lot that I listened and talked to her. At least I enjoyed it.

In Hamburg I had to change, but since the Danish driver f*cked a bit up and didn't tell the same story in Danish, German and English, everyone were confused if they had to stay in the bus or change to another. It turned out that I had to change as the bus was continuing to Berlin.

I changed to a Dutch bus, and it was even more crowded...and many people in the bus smelled and looked like they didn't shower for a week or so...that was a bit disgusting, but I survived. Also this time I got to sit next to a German guy. At first, I didn't know that he was German as he didn't say anything :) but after the passport control he kind of woke up and talked and talked :) ..really good day practicing my German...which is not all good, as I had some problems immediately switching to Dutch when I reached Groningen :)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Sending text messages from the Internet

Since my phone ran out of money, I decided to try sending sms'es [1] from the Internet. There seem to be a lot of services available, but most of them require you to register where-after you will probably receive tons of spam mail on your email address or your mobile phone. I didn't really want to do that ;)

I did find a working service though, but you could only send 2 sms'es per day and you could only send every 10 minute. What I didn't know was that you had to send your sms within one minute or you lost your try. That isn't so easy when you don't actually know where to click in order to send the message :S Anyway, I lost my first try and tried testing the service with one of my friends that were online. Surprisingly, it actually worked! Still I will prefer to send sms'es from my own phone...there is just the problem that I cannot buy extra money for it here in Denmark.

[1]I have been told that sms is good South-African English for text messages. Take that, English Language Police! :)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Something that I forgot to blog about

Some time (last month I think) my Portuguese friend Pedro came to visit me! I know Pedro from a Dutch summer course that I went on, and since then we have become good friends.

Just as I now live in the Netherlands, Pedro moved there as well :) in order to stay for approximately a year at his uncle's place. We have wanted to get together for a long time, so I am happy that we finally got around to doing it. It was quite a nice weekend. Pedro cooked Portuguese food for me, teached me to eat Grenade Apples, we chatted, went to the city... We also went our in the evenings and Pedro got to know some of my friends and it seemed that he liked them a lot. Nice!

I generally had a great time and hope to be able to visit him soon as well!

Preparing to go home...

My vacation is soon over and I will be heading back to the Netherlands. I have had an OK vacation, but my thoughts have been somewhere else. I have also had to work on one of my projects and I have had a hard time finding motivation.

I got a great surprise today as my dad decided to not go to work tomorrow in order to spend the last day with me. This means a lot to really does! I am gladly surprised.

I have had a lot of trouble with my stomach the last 2 is not that it hurts or so...but I just cannot eat anything. It has started to get a bit better today and I even ate lunch! That was actually very nice. I ate rue bread (da. rugbrød) with tuna salad...and hamburgerryg. I have really missed Danish rue bread so much! I hope I will have some appetite tomorrow as well!

I hate when a vacation is ending...not only is it sad because you have to go back to your normal routine...but it becomes even worth since I have to pack :) I don't know why that is so awful...but I really dislike it! (it is probably not the actual packing I dislike though)

A creature of this world...

Sometimes I feel that I am not of this world...or at least that is what I used to. The truth is that I am very much of this world but I haven't always fitted in. I have tried adapting and changing my self, but even though people (like me at least) always try to evolve and improve, there are just some things that you cannot change. I used to think that there was something wrong with me, but now I know that there are people like me and I know that the things that I dream about is out there and that I just need to pursue it.

I have changed a lot in the last half year - probably more than ever before. It has been tough and it isn't over yet. But I have the feeling that it will leave me more happy. I understand myself more, what I want with my life and I am a lot better at accepting myself and being true to myself - following my heart.

What do I really want then...Well, that is of course not so easy to say...since it is something that you need to feel. I feel my way though life.

I have always wanted to be special and not live in vain. Many would say that I am very special and has made a good impression on many and even made a difference here in this world. Everyone likes fame, and even though I like being remembered, I rather want to be remembered by my family and friends than being a celebrity.

I have started to care less and less about work and school. I have always been doing good as I am not stupid and I feel the need to show myself that I am worth something. I once wanted to do very well, get a great job and make a name of myself...probably as a way of being accepted by people. Now, I rather want to have nice friends, a girlfriend that I love with my whole heart and build a family. I want to have time for my family...I want to love and cherish them - I want to be a sun in their daily lives. I don't care about money. My lack of money often limits me in what I am able to do...but I will probably get a decent job with my education. I just need enough money to take care of my family and to live a decent life. I don't need a big house or the most expensive car. I rather want a small cozy house where I feel home than a huge palace that feels cold and alien to me.

I think there is a chance of me succeeding. I have faith in that...that would make me the happiest man alive!

A typical Dane

Yesterday I went to visit my neighbor that I haven't seen for quite some time. Well, that is not entirely true as we went to visit me a few days ago...but you get the idea. Daniel - which is his name - has changed a bit over time, and finally he let the Danish Top (dansktop) spirit within him loose, which this photo surely confirms! :)

We had a nice time together and it was very nice meeting up with him again. We have both had very separate lives for quite some time now - him living here in Western Jutland, DK and me living in Copenhagen, DK and now Groningen, NL - but I think there is potential to start talking a bit more again in the near future. At least, I got him on my MSN Messenger account, which surely will help.

For those who got scared of the picture, Daniel unfortunately doesn't always look this hip! :-P he he he he...and sorry girls: He does have a girlfriend already.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Meeting with my East Frisian friend

Some days before Christmas I got the chance to meet my East Frisian friend Helge. Helge is one of my Low Saxon speaking friends. Helge is a great guy who shares my interest for languages and especially Low Saxon. Helge also speaks Swedish, which is pretty cool as he knows quite a bit about Scandinavia; our languages and culture.

Helge lives in German city of Greifwald, close to the Polish border, so unfortunately quite far from where I live. He is originally from East Frisia, which the picture confirms - drinking tea èh :) - and so he went to visit his parents and local friends in the Christmas vacation.

This gave us the unique opportunity to get together and hang out a bit! And so we did :)

It was quite nice getting together with him, talking, drinking tea and coffee and walking a bit around in the streets. The whole day went by talking Low Saxon with each other. Him, the East Frisian dialect and me the related Northern Groningen dialect. We had no problem communicating at all, which I think surprised Helge - apparently my Groningen Low Saxon is getting quite good ;)

I surely hope that we will get around to see each other another time, now that I live in the Netherlands.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Christmas and New Year

So Christmas and New Year has been upon us! As most of my friends know I live in the Saxon part of the Netherlands and not in the country where I grew up. As a result of this I hadn't seen my Danish family for more than half a year. Christmas is the time of year that you should spend with your family and your very closest friends, so I decided to go back to Western Jutland, Denmark. :)

I was lucky to be able to get a lift to Denmark from my good friend Nadia and her boyfriend, so I had a bit of money over to buy a few Christmas presents :)

The Christmas days were quite nice, as Christmas always is in Denmark.

I also spend New Year here. I wondered about going home before New Years eve, but I hadn't arranged anything in Groningen and I also wanted to stay a bit longer. The New Years eve wasn't that nice. I wish I could have spend it with my friends and I kept thinking about some one special. I tried calling some friends at midnight but I never really got in contact with them. Later I did get some sms'es (European English for text messages) which was nice.

The weather isn't so nice here, but it is beautiful though. I really enjoy the is so lovely. Thuersday the 6th I am going back to Groningen with Eurolines. I look forward going back...but traveling with the Eurolines makes it a bit less attractive...but what can a student do :)

Wow, my first blogger entry...

So I finally got around to get a public blog. I am not so used to blogging and I am a private person in many respects, so don't expect me to write that much interesting in the beginning. That I am a very private person is probably not entirely true - at least some of my friends will disagree. The truth is that I have become very open, but only to people close to me, such as good friends.

I expect to not write so much here in the beginning. My life is a bit confusing for the moment, and I also need to get used to the whole idea of bloggin'.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and learning from my life.