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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Preparing to go home...

My vacation is soon over and I will be heading back to the Netherlands. I have had an OK vacation, but my thoughts have been somewhere else. I have also had to work on one of my projects and I have had a hard time finding motivation.

I got a great surprise today as my dad decided to not go to work tomorrow in order to spend the last day with me. This means a lot to really does! I am gladly surprised.

I have had a lot of trouble with my stomach the last 2 is not that it hurts or so...but I just cannot eat anything. It has started to get a bit better today and I even ate lunch! That was actually very nice. I ate rue bread (da. rugbrød) with tuna salad...and hamburgerryg. I have really missed Danish rue bread so much! I hope I will have some appetite tomorrow as well!

I hate when a vacation is ending...not only is it sad because you have to go back to your normal routine...but it becomes even worth since I have to pack :) I don't know why that is so awful...but I really dislike it! (it is probably not the actual packing I dislike though)


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