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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A typical Dane

Yesterday I went to visit my neighbor that I haven't seen for quite some time. Well, that is not entirely true as we went to visit me a few days ago...but you get the idea. Daniel - which is his name - has changed a bit over time, and finally he let the Danish Top (dansktop) spirit within him loose, which this photo surely confirms! :)

We had a nice time together and it was very nice meeting up with him again. We have both had very separate lives for quite some time now - him living here in Western Jutland, DK and me living in Copenhagen, DK and now Groningen, NL - but I think there is potential to start talking a bit more again in the near future. At least, I got him on my MSN Messenger account, which surely will help.

For those who got scared of the picture, Daniel unfortunately doesn't always look this hip! :-P he he he he...and sorry girls: He does have a girlfriend already.


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