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Friday, September 24, 2004

Oh oh oh...

Oh oh...noone apparently cleans up here in the is so discusting and it makes it hard making dinner...oh I just spend the last hour doing it :S again! Well, I still am not sure who is making all the mess and who ain't so I cannot really complain yet.

Oh well...

Today I went to the post office in order to pick up my new SIM-card for my mobile/cell phone. I looked much forward finally being able to use my phone again...but apparently not :S since the card apparently doesn't work...I called the hot line with another phone (quite expensive to call the hot line) but they just let me spend a lot of time waiting and they didn't know anything :S :S :S

Some days ago I went to a faculty party with school...It was quite nice! I first went to my friend Daniels home and drank a beer there and talked a bit...then we went to the party. There was supposed to be around 150 people there, but I think there were less...

Here in the Netherlands people think in 'rounds', meaning that everyone buys like 6 beers and then walks around and looks for some friends to give them to...well, that is kind of okay and nice...but at some point you just get too many beers ...and so I ended up with a huge headache the day after. I had promised myself not to start skipping school just I went to school feeling very bad...the whole day was full with mathematical I ended up with 10 times as big a headache :S

I installed MSN Plus, but it infected my computer with a lot of adware even though I chose not to install that :S Apparently the auto-update did it :S bah...I have no idea on how to get this off my computer again :S I have been spending a lot of time trying to get rid on this blue search bar...

Hmm, some of you know that my aquaintances has gotten kittens...they are sooo nice...but for some reason I am not allowed to see them anymore...:S She just says that her room is messy so she doesn't like people to see it...but I think that a quite stupid noone would mind or think less of her because of that...anyway the cats have to go soon as the house where she lives will be inspected and they are apparently not allowed to have pets there :S But they are SOO CUTE..I want one :P

Hmm, today I was supposed to study...but like authors can have a writers block I am quite sure that I have a students block right now :P

For a long time I have been complaining on how stupid it is, that I had lost my remote control...what's the use of a television when you cannot set up the channels...:S well, now I was so lucky to finally find it :D ....for some reason it had been wrappen in some of my clothes :P

It seems like Google are working on a web browser. At least they have recently registered and hired the guy who worked at Microsoft on the Avalon project (web and toolset related). Some people have also found some secret mails and bugzilla entries that document that Google are working on a branded browser based on Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox. It sound very interesting to me...It won't surprise me if Google at some point basically own the internet. Btw, if you don't know the Firefox browser you should really try it. It is more secure than IE, it has popup blocker build in, is quick and small, fully themable, supports tabs and is more PNG compliant...I am really amazed and I should do a review of it at some point. :P Check out - it is free as both free beer and as free speech.


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