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Monday, September 20, 2004

Some things are cheap in the Netherlands

(and something ain't, but we ain't going to talk about those this time).

Today I bough a honney cake (a socalled Dutch breakfast cake), 2 liters of cocio-quality chocolate milk, a half white bread, and american cookies with chocolate...and I spend 4 euros!!!! That is 30 DKK! That is like nothing :D

So why did I buy all this? Well, I like eating yoghurt in the morning, but I need to supplement it with something else as I am drained from energy 2 hours later, and because everyone keeps telling me that I have lost weight. I was told that the Dutch often eat the Dutch breakfast cake (Ontbijtkoek) and that it would be a good supplement. I followed the advise and some things extra that I can eat while studying or on the internet... not very interesting, but well...

Anyway, today I went to Leeuwarden (damn expensive with the train :S need to find someone to drive with! and quickly) to start as a Danish teacher. Today was the introduction evening so it was a bit different than normal. I had no idea how to get there so I asked the guy organizing everything and he was so nice to give me a route description...unfortunately the one bus that I needed to take was only driving during day hours :S so I couldnt take that one :S

I kind of looked forward going to Leeuwarden as it is the capital of Fryslân and I have never been in the frisian part of Fryslân...but unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs and I didnt really see anything. A bus driver was very helpful and drove a bit off his route to set me off close to the building where I was supposed to go...unforunately I couldnt really find the place and walked in the wrong direction. I had heard that some people in the city Leeuwarden didn't speak Frisian but an old mixture language of Low Franconian (Basically Dutch) and Frisian, but I expected there to be very few speakers who would probably only speak it home and speak Frisian or Dutch in puplic...but apparently the bus driver spoke it and some of the passagers as well...that was quite funny...but luckely easy understandable.

At the school there was some introduction talk and it was done in Frisian. The man luckely spoke clear Frisian and I had no problem following him, which was good as he was also introducing me...and I was supposed to stand up in the crowd so that people could see me...I was a bit afraid in the beginning that I wouldnt understand and then either not get up when I was supposed to, or get up when I wasnt supposed to...lucky I did everything correct.

I talked to some of the other teachers and also to some of the various students and most people were really nice!!! so it turned out to be a good evening with one exception :S I missed the scheduled train and had to wait 1 hour outside in the cold time I will be on time! I promise! :P


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