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Monday, September 13, 2004

Time for another entry

Puh...Lots has happened since I wrote here last...and unfortunately, I have forgotten exactly what :P Well, I have learned how Dutch people bike. It is kind of amazing...Groningen should be the 4th (so I was told) largest biking-city in Europe....and the people here just cannot bike! at all! They bike extremely dangerous and EXTREMELY sloooooow...I think I bike slow...but compared to people here...hehe...I don't.

At school I met a Swedish guy (David) who invited me along to a party for international students. It was quite nice. First we went to see Big Fish (my second time) and then we went to the bar called De Beurs. Here I met some nice people from various countries like Sweden, Aruba, Germany etc. It was also quite nice to speak some Swedish and German again. A girl from Sweden (Karoline I think it was) was sure that I had lived for at least a year in Sweden...hehe, the truth is that I have only been there 3 days. The first 2 days I have just been driving through Sweden in order to get to Norway and back again and the last day I went to Lund for a lecture and then back again :D so, no...I haven't! But it makes me quite I just need to improve my written Swedish :P

Today a German guy from Westfalen (born in Ostfriesland) is visiting me. I haven't seen him before, but he studies Frisian here in Groningen and wanted to meet me since I speak Low Saxon just like him.

Things are moving forward with getting official registered here. It has been a hard ride, though, and I have been at the edge of a nervous breakdown...damn burocracy...

In the weekend I worked on my room again. I got some help with the mirror and a few other things like transporting and buying a new table! I also borrowed some tools. Thanks a lot Leopold! I appreciated it a lot.


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