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Saturday, September 04, 2004


I have been quite busy the last couple of days and when I have wanted to write something,
I didn't :)

So what have I been up to lately...Lets see what I can remember

Wednesday I woke up quite imspired by someone :-P so I decided to go swimming. I went to the where the swimming hall was located but unfortunately the swimming hall was closed, so straight back home I went :S After that I tried figuring out how to pay my bills here in NL. Quite different from Denmark...Denmark is a small country so the banks are small and quite just go there and they often know you by name and want to help you in any way possible...well...lets' say: It is NOT like that here...Groningen only has huge impersonal banks...and noone there really wants to help you. Well after many hours of trying, biking from one bank to the other, I finally got my bills paid and I even figured out how to transfer money from my Danish account to my account here! COOL! In the evening me and two from my house went cooking together...oh well, mostly he did it...but I was around! It was a quite nice dinner also...later more jointed us and the people here decided that it was time to celebrate that I moved in...and so they did...and we throw a little of the girls in my house told that one of her friends just got a knife knocked into his backhead some days ago...and that he went to the Copenhagen we don't hear about much of these things, but here in Groningen there seem to be daily headlines just like this on the teletext...scary.... the girl also told that the brother (I think it was) of one of her good Italian friends was shot in Iraq and the execution was put on the internet..AWFUL!!! We hear so much from Iraq and we almost cannot believe it...but when it gets this close it is quite scary!

This was my first day at school! I went there at 10 o' clock and was quite scared...for the first hour I was just standing in the hall way with lots of people that I didn't know and who seemed to know each others...sometimes I hate being shy...I am actually not that shy...but not only didn't I know these people, but they also don't my language. Oh well, the 1 hour went by and I got in group 5. the people there didn't really say much too be until I met the Mentor...The Mentor (Maurits) was quite nice...he asked about who I was, etc and I explained that I studied the last years in Copenhagen. Then he asked me how long I went to study in Denmark and I realized that he thought I was Dutch (at first at least), which made my quite proud...heheh, my accent must be improving :D. The day went on with some semi boring lectures and a bit walking around seeing the many faces of the school. Our group 5 merged with group 6 and we went to the Mentor of group 6's house to bbq ! That was quite nice...we talked a bit, drank some beers and I got to know a guy called Joris who seemed very friendly from the first impression. After dinner we went to a café called Tivolie where we had fun talking, playing various games and drinking a bit...He I found out that most of the mentors went on holiday in Denmark! Apparenly there is another Danish guy studying at the university and that was one of their good friends! The mentos Daniel also suddenly started speaking semi danish to me...apparently he lived in Copenhagen as a child ! :D Haha...what a coincident! At some other point I was talking to two guys and a female mentor (mathematics), when the girl said "but you didn't do your bachelor here in Groningen". I answered "No, I did my bachelor in Copenhagen". She then asked me how long I lived in Denmark and I told her I was Danish. After that I got a shock as she started to speak fluenly Danish to me! Apparenly she lived 5 (?) years in Denmark :D haha...apparently everyone here has some kind of connection with Denmark!!! Later we went to a disco but I didn't enjoy it so much as there were way too many people and the were all taller than me...:S At around 6 we all decided to go home, and so did I...

I woke up quite early...I think around 10 as Flip (a guy who used to live here at my house) ringed on the door bell...after that I couldn't sleep any longer :S so I biked with Han to the swimming hall (this time I checked if they were open :P) and we went swimming for one and a half hour...Puh! it is a long time since I have I was sooo dead afterward and went home sleeping for most of the day. I also tried internetting a bit...but it didn't really want to work :S At the evening I went to a party that I was invited to. It was okayish, but not really that fun...

Today I didn't do much...well slept long :) and woke up feeling quite good...I made myself some coffee and wanted to relax in front of the computer...maybe even chat a bit with friends...but it didn't really want to work...and when it suddently worked for about half an hour then the person I wanted to talk to wasn't online...:'( The last couple of hours I have been watching a bit of television...but that interesting...but time went by! :) Now internet is back working again...mas onde está você minha fofinha...


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