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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Skik concert

Oh I am getting lousy at writing here :S

Yesterday me and Han went to a concert with a Drenths band called Skik. I have a CD with Skik and I like it quite a lot, especially also because they sing in Low Saxon and not in Dutch. I have heard from some that they had sold out and started to write songs in Dutch and English instead and that the vocalist had become a jury at the Idols show here in the netherlands. Because of this I hoped to hear some old songs, but expected the whole show to be quite commercial (speaking Dutch, singing soft pop rock songs) but I was taken for a surprise!

The show started with a "warm up" band called something like Mindhouse (not quite sure about the name). It wasn't that good, but their songs became better as the show went on, and we ended up with approx. 10 people standing in front of the stage and A LOT of people sitting down on the seats (the Dutch syndrome :S). Many people who went there were my parents age and older so I expected that the standing crowd wouldnt increase that much.

The Skik came on stage! and they didnt speak Dutch but Low Saxon instead...and during the whole show only one song was in Dutch and all the others were in their language/dialect. They started out with some of the songs I knew and people ran to the was pretty cool...they really got people rocking and they did a funny stage show. They they also started playing some newer songs...and I got surprised again...I expected soft poprock songs but the newer songs were almost punk with a scene show like NOFX...I didnt really expect this...but it really rocked at the concert! I think a lot of people couldn't quite follow what they were saying, since at least the girl behind me was contantly asking what they were saying, like 'what does nije skoenen (nieuw schoenen, new shoes) mean?' a bit annoying as I wanted to enjoy the music :P A funny thing was that they translated the VERY hollandic song Amsterdamse grachten (The waterchannels of Amsterdam) into their dialect...which is not Hollandic at all...They of course did that for making a joke...and it was a nice touch!

Tonight I had some nice least the first one...I wont say anothing about them except that they were nice and contained one special person! :D

This morning I found a scary letter :S I just registered officially at the university and paid the intuition fee...and now I got a letter saying that I registered but didnt pay and will be thrown out :S ARHG when will this h*ll stop!!!!

I love my monkeys!!!! (if you know me, you will understand what I mean)

Anyway, I started biking as slow as the Dutch...well not really, but I am biking slower why? you might ask...well I guess there is a reason why the Dutch bike so slow and it is called trafic lights! They stay green for 3 sec (enough for 1/3 of the bikers waiting to cross to actually cross) and then they are red for minutes! This will ALWAYS have to stand in a queue in the rush biking quickly just means that you will have to wait longer between the lights :S Also it annoys me that the lighs are on my side on the road and not on both sides like in Denmark...this means that I bike to far (further than the actual trafic light) and then I cannot see when it is changing to green...on well I might get used to this with time :P

Something bad is happening here in the Netherlands. Well I live in Groningen, which is one of the poorest regions of the Netherlands. This is because of historical reasons. Because of this Groningen gets regional financial support so that they can invest and attract companies etc...create new jobs...etc etc...BUT! now the government wants to stop supporting Groningen (and let it rot in hell...well the government is of course situated in the Randstad/Holland :S) and give to money to the Randstad instead. This will probably mean that less development will happen here...there will be less jobs, people will move away and criminality will increase...thanks! :S

Oh well...I don't want to get involved with politics again...took too much of my time when I was involved in Denmark (Socialistic Folksparty:

Wednesday is the First Years school party. It is not really for first years, but more a name, or a reason to make a party :) I kind of look forward going there to meet more people from my study and find some new friends...we will see if it will be fun or not...I hope it will.

There is probably a lot I forgot writing about...but I will have to catch up on that another time....until then!

I forgot to say that I got screwed by the old place I lived. I paid a deposit and I thought I would get most back. My one door was a bit broken, but it was a VERY CHEAP door...I will show a pic of it once. I thought, well such a door can max cost 200 DKK, and it costs approx 150-200 DKK per hour they need to work with it, so I would max loose 600 DKK....Think again! I LOST 1600 DKK!!!! That is just can NEVER cost that much to fix it, but what should I do? They have to pay me the money back and they wont pay that back...and I am not situated in another country and my parents on another island (300 km away) just sucks getting screwed that way...and it wasnt the only thing they screwed me with :S

Post scriptum:

For those of you who don't know the different between Holland and the Netherlands, I have found this map:

You will see that Holland is only a small part of the country, but that the most known cities are situated there (A'dam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, etc)


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