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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I am a fool...

I just hurt myself real badly...well I was sitting on the back of a bike for probably 20 minute biking and when I jumped on I realized that there had been no blood circulation in my legs, as they disappeared under me :S auch....that hurted...I tried getting up but there were absolutely no feeling in my legs :S but it is almost back again...but I am still left with the shock and the scratches :S

Oh, well, why did I sit on the back of a bike? Well I was invited along to a birthday party by Han, which seemed like a good occation to see how a Dutch birthday party was like. Well, it wasn't that is was a really Dutch party as quite some of the around 25 guests were foreign studens of some kind.

If I have to compare it to a Danish birthday party (for young people, ie. not the family version) I will say that it was quite nice and quiet. There was a lot of small snacks to eat and it was easy to talk to a lot of new people. In Denmark a party like this would mostly consist of refriguators full of beers and very loud music...What do I like the most then? Well, that is kind of hard to say...I guess I like both version...:)


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