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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Lop, jeg hader lopper...

Aften spending many hours I figured out that the adware that was infecting my computer was the so-called search bar. Knowing this, it was just a matter of time before I found a small program that could remove it! Thanks God! Nice...but I dared using my internet bank again. Unfortunately, it can first transfer money after the 27th and it takes 3 days :S this is really bad as I now only have 10 euros to live for for the rest of the month :S ...I really wonder how I will succeed...maybe I should visit some friends :P

I figured out that the sim-card doesn't work with my phone but with others :S I need to buy a new mobile / cell phone :S ...oh, bother...

Sometimes I wonder how people think. There was something I wanted to write but I JUST COULDN'T remember what...but I did remember when I thought about it...I remembered looking at eggs when I noticed the think that I forgot...weird...later I remembered again....and I was right...I was indeed standing by the eggs...WEIRD how we think..

Anyway, the funny thing is that they started selling christmas things here....GOSH! that is a biiiiiit early I think! Pepernuts, X-mas chocolate...etc...crazy Dutch people :P

Some of my friends have been asking how they can notice that some people are Dutch and not Danish...hmm...that is kind of hard to explain...though you often notice it. One thing is that many boys have a bit curly hair (and often a bit long, like 10-20 cm or so) and look a bit more ..hmm...cannot explain (Dutch? heh) :P have to think more about that. I have also noticed that many girl have huge teeth...really ...I have never noticed that in Denmark, but here is seem to be quite normal...donno if that is only in Groningen though...but it is really something you notice as a Dane.

One of my students were asking me why it is 'jeg behøver' (I need) in Danish and not 'jeg høver' which would be more like Dutch 'Ik hoef'. I have no idea about this, but when I thought about it, I notice that I myself say 'A høves' in my dialect, thus no 'be-'! but now I really wonder why I use '-es' in my dialect...weird...languages are weird when you think about them :D

I also spoke some about my dialect with my German/East Frisian friend Helge yesterday. He is writing a thesis (I believe) where he is comparing the Low Saxon dialect of Sleswig (Northern Germany, close to Denmark) with the South Jutish dialect of Denmark. I send him some sound samples and he liked it a lot. He cannot understand Danish or my dialect very well, but Southern Jutish and Bornholm gives him less problems as they have no glottal stop...funny. He also asked me what a weird R we had in Western Jutish. Hehe, yeah that is a very American like R...very weird that we have it such a small area...but he liked it and told me that Danish is not only funny, but at times also very cute :P I think so too, that is why I always speak Danish when I have to be realllly really cute :P

I have seen that some friends of my friends are reading my blog regulary...I am really wondering what you think about it, and why you read it :D Does my life sound interesting - or boring? Am I writing a lot of weird thing? etc etc...Send me a reply if you feel like it. I am just curious.

Take care everybody! Se cuida!


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