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Monday, January 03, 2005

Meeting with my East Frisian friend

Some days before Christmas I got the chance to meet my East Frisian friend Helge. Helge is one of my Low Saxon speaking friends. Helge is a great guy who shares my interest for languages and especially Low Saxon. Helge also speaks Swedish, which is pretty cool as he knows quite a bit about Scandinavia; our languages and culture.

Helge lives in German city of Greifwald, close to the Polish border, so unfortunately quite far from where I live. He is originally from East Frisia, which the picture confirms - drinking tea èh :) - and so he went to visit his parents and local friends in the Christmas vacation.

This gave us the unique opportunity to get together and hang out a bit! And so we did :)

It was quite nice getting together with him, talking, drinking tea and coffee and walking a bit around in the streets. The whole day went by talking Low Saxon with each other. Him, the East Frisian dialect and me the related Northern Groningen dialect. We had no problem communicating at all, which I think surprised Helge - apparently my Groningen Low Saxon is getting quite good ;)

I surely hope that we will get around to see each other another time, now that I live in the Netherlands.


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