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Friday, October 08, 2004

I am a are a Smurf...hmm..OK :D

So I went to a party yesterday evening, which was good as my exam didn't go so well. Actually the exam was nothing like the assignments we have done so far. I found it very hard and I was also struggeling with the terminology :S Anyway, the party wasn't that good was quite nice that people were dressed up, but there were only few of my friends, it was extremely crowded and it was like being in a sauna :S Luckely, we all met before the party and spend like 4 hours at Daniels place. That part of the evening was quite nice.

When walking to Daniels place a lot of people looked at me, and I heart a lot of people talking about smurfs :D. Well, no wonder since I was dressed up as a Pict (one of the old blue painted Celts of Britain). People didn't really know about picts so in the eyes of the others, I was a of those sweet ones from the cartoon :P I remember at some time I heard a guy shout "Hey, hey, Jeroen, come here, you gotta see this. There is a guy walkng with a sword. Gosh, his whole face is blue..." haha, all these comments while walking made me laugh a lot and be a bit embarraged - though I tried hiding it :D

Anyway, I hope to pass the exam, as those (not that many) people that I talked to found it hard and shitty as well. This means that the teacher might have to adjust the grade, so that at least some of us pass.

Now I am about to go to school, since I want...^D^D ..need I mean (want is a wrong word :)) to work on my assignment in Computer Vision. I spend 2 hours yesterday and finished the first part...then I turned the page and noticed that there were 6!!! parts :S My friend then told me that it took them 8-9 hours to finish it last year...and they were two...I have to do it all by myself...I really need to find a praticals partner in the next semester!


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