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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Random stuff...

Yesterday I got a Draveno-Polabian version of the Lord's Prayer. I thought it was quite funny because I know very little about the Slavic languages, but this I could almost understand :) Draveno-Polabian, a now dead language, used to be spoken in a small part of Lüneburg in Germany - a now German and Low Saxon speaking area. Most Slavic people there have probably also had Low Saxon as a second language, which explain the many Low Saxon loans in the dialect - wader (vader, father) Rîk (ryk, realm), komă (kome, may come), vil'ă (wille, will), brind'oj (bringe, bring), kå farsükońě (in versöyking, into temptation), lösoáy (löse, deliver/redeem).

I wonder if my Polish friends can make any sence of this text. Even my Brazilian friends should be able to understand Nôße (nossa) :P

Nôße Wader,
ta toy giß wa Nebisgáy,
Sjungta woarda tügí Geima,
tia Rîk komma,
tia Willia schinyôt,
kok wa Nebisgáy,
tôk kak no Sime,
Nôßi wißedanneisna Stgeiba doy nâm dâns,
un wittedoy nâm nôße Ggrêch,
kak moy wittedoyime nôßem Grêsmarim,
Ni bringoy nôs ka Warsikónye,
tay lösoáy nôs wit wißókak Chaudak.

Gosh, a dog taking pictures hmm...

Puh that was a long day at school :S Stayed there till around 7 o' clock because I had to do some assignments. I have to do around 3 assignments each week and then hand in a far it hasnt been that difficult and some assignmens have even been quite interesting...especially visualizing of medical data. There is one problem though; most of the assignmens are very badly is not that the language is bad, but more that you have to think like them in order to understand what they actually want you to do...:S This means that I am wasting a lot of time figuring out what I am supposed to do, and when I figure it out (or someone who had the course last year, tells me) then it is normally not that difficult.

So far it seems that I have made some nice study friends, which is quite an improvement over my study in Denmark. They arrange a lot of nice parties here, my mentors are extremely nice and always have time to help me, and they have a coffee room :) Well it is a simple and well working idea. They have a small room where you can get free coffee or tea every day between 12:30 and 13:15. This means that many people go there and there is a good chance that you meet your friends or make new ones!

Speaking about parties. I stayed long at school as I was working on some of my assignments. Afterward I went directly to the city with two of my new friends. Here we met up with 9 others and we went out eating! :D The food wasn't perfect, but the atmosphere was very good and I enjoyed myself a lot. Afterward we went to the 'borrel' and around 2 o' clock I started heading home again.

I met some nice people at the party and I hope that some will become real friends..we will see...

Some people asked me why I never talked about computers. They found it a bit strange that I study computer science and until now haven't said a word about 'em. Well, the truth is that I do speak about software etc...but I think about a lot of other things as well, so there is only a few people that I discuss software and computers with. Actually I kind of miss my Danish friend Rasmus Halland as he was the person I enjoyed discussing software with the most - actually he was one of the only one that I liked discussing this topic with. Rasmus is a Windows user and a huge Microsoft-fan :P (he will kill me for saying that, but it is almost true :P) but he is also interested in Linux etc and reads Linux news sources as well. I am mostly a Linux user and don't really follow what is happening in the Micro$oft world. For this reason Rasmus and me - who are serious people who don't critizise software because it is made by people or companies that we dont like - often talked about the new trends in software development with enthusiasm and shared a lot of visions of the future. I liked that a lot...probably because we could keep our discussions on a serious level. Most nerd can't really do this...They have idea of what they think is right and wrong, and noone can make them change their minds so instead they start flaming eachothers :S bah, dislike that.

Oh well...speaking about Computer Science...I just realize that I have my first exam on is a very hard topic (Geometric Algorithms) and I am very afraid :S

Internet hasn't been working at home for some time :S It has annoyed me a bit, but if made my start organizing my music,...and in the process I found some lovely music that I haven't played for some time! Nice!


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