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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Christmas and New Year

So Christmas and New Year has been upon us! As most of my friends know I live in the Saxon part of the Netherlands and not in the country where I grew up. As a result of this I hadn't seen my Danish family for more than half a year. Christmas is the time of year that you should spend with your family and your very closest friends, so I decided to go back to Western Jutland, Denmark. :)

I was lucky to be able to get a lift to Denmark from my good friend Nadia and her boyfriend, so I had a bit of money over to buy a few Christmas presents :)

The Christmas days were quite nice, as Christmas always is in Denmark.

I also spend New Year here. I wondered about going home before New Years eve, but I hadn't arranged anything in Groningen and I also wanted to stay a bit longer. The New Years eve wasn't that nice. I wish I could have spend it with my friends and I kept thinking about some one special. I tried calling some friends at midnight but I never really got in contact with them. Later I did get some sms'es (European English for text messages) which was nice.

The weather isn't so nice here, but it is beautiful though. I really enjoy the is so lovely. Thuersday the 6th I am going back to Groningen with Eurolines. I look forward going back...but traveling with the Eurolines makes it a bit less attractive...but what can a student do :)


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