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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Grades...and degrees.

Today was an okay day...I was kind of afraid since I would get the grade for my Geometric Algorithms exam - which I felt didn't go so well. To my surprise, it didn't go that bad either, as I got 7 (out of 10, 10 being the best). Unfortunately one of my good friends got 2,5 so he was quite sad :S Now he can only pass the course if he gets 9 or 10 for his project - which is quite unlikely :S I am quite sad for him...I feel relieved that it went well for me...but it is also not nice when a hard working friend of yours performs so bad.

I also got my first project back in Scientific Visualization. It went quite well as I got 8,5 ...but I was a bit curious about what I did wrong so I went to ask my teacher assistant who corrected my report. He couldn't really tell me what I did wrong, so I got a bit annoyed and told him to correct it once again. He agreed with me, and now I got 9,5 !!!! YES! Now I have to ask every time :P.

After school I went to Sybren and Nadia's place in order to eat there. I was supposed to cook Danish dinner, and so I did :P It went OK, but my sauce was quite a failure I think, though Nadia said that she like it (probably to make me feel a bit better). At first I didn't put enough salt in it...and then I added waaay too much :S I don't know why I always fuck up when making traditional Danish white sauce...I need more practice I guess :D

Now I will soon go to bed...Before I need to write a letter and then study my presentation (Oral Exam regarding Visualization of Vector Field Topology) for tomorrow...maybe I will skip it and just get up a bit earlier...donno what is the best idea at this point...

It is getting quite cold here :S Sometimes as low as 0 degrees!...This morning I guess it was around 2 degrees...Good that I got a hat and some warm gloves! :D


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