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Friday, January 28, 2005

The last couple of days

So what has happened the last couple of days? Well, the most shocking news is that my sister is pregnant! (for 2 months already) which means that I am going to be an uncle! :D Congratulation to you two, Janne-Lykke and Tommy!!!

Apart from that, not that much has happened. I have mostly been sitting at home trying to work on some quite boring papers. The first one in Embedded Systems turned out quite well, I think.

Wednesday evening I got a call from my fellow Dane here in Groningen. He sounded a bit stressed and mumbled something, like "...the cops are after me, can I hide in your room" :P Oh, well...apparently he was biking without lights on and the cops saw him :) Anyway, he turned to my street and went visiting me instead of drinking a cop of coffee with the police. Anyway, it was around 10 o' clock and since it was the last Wednesday of the month, most people from school normally gather at a local bar...and so did we :) Both me and Jens felt a bit tired and wanted to leave early, but every time my beer was up someone handed me a new I got home later than 4am...on well, another day of 5 hours of sleep.

Yesterday, I got a huge package from Helge. He sent me a Saterfrisian dictionary and some Low Saxon films, and some more stuff to help improving my German. Cool! So, yesterday I was watching movies and documentaries the whole time :) nice nice. The dictionary is also quite cool, as it also talks about grammar, pronunciation etc!


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