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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I could have been dead

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I woke up early thinking that it smelled funny in my room, like a gas smell...:S Well, opened up all the doors (one to the terrace) and I went around to check if there should me some gas lines in my room that I didn't know about. Negative...Couldn't find one at all..and it wasn't my refriguator either...*-) WEIRD! Well after trying to figure out where the smell came from I came to the conclusion that I am paranoïd and that it was just a mixture of the smell from my tea, coffee and the tropical fruits that I bought at the market.

I started working, closed the doors as it was really cold outside...I felt kind of bad but got quite busy with writing my paper! Then some one came by and told to go get out immediately..."Your room smells extremely much of gas!" Me: "Huh, you also think that?". Doors open again and I some more people came to my room..."yeah, this is definitely gas".

I tried calling the Land Lord and the Handyman but I couldn't really get in contact with anyone :S Later in the evening I did get in contact with the handyman and it turned out that there was in fact a gas cable in my room. HIDDEN UNDER THE CARPET! ?!?! OK, the I cut a whole in the carpet and there was indeed a valve! It could easily be opened so that a lot of gas was streaming out, but it was indeed closed. I tried closing it further but it was not possible - there was still streaming out a lot of gas...if you closed the door so there was no wind, you could even feel it with your finger!!! Dangerous! Luckily the handyman came by and fixed it! and he promised to fix it at the source next week! Thanks a lot!

Apparently, they use to have a gas heater here and this was a left over that had never been fully removed...I am still kind of shocked. What would have happened if I had slept 3 hours later? and what if one of my house mates had walked in the hallway with a cigarette - which they do from time to time. :S Shee...we would have had an explotion and I wouldn't have been here to write this... I guess it will take some time forgetting about this! Thanks my Guardian Angle!


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