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Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Bear's Kiss

Today I was supposed to work on my project, but since the files that I needed was on GMail and my internet was not working, I decided to read a bit and then watch some television. I turned in on NL3 and saw a bit of the movie called A Bear's Kiss. The girl in the movie reminded me of my friend Isa, which I found was quite funny. What was more funny was that Isa has a German boyfriend called Misha and the movie was taking place in Germany (at least when I started watching it). The girl who could speak Spanish (Isa is Brazilian, so maybe there is a Latin connection :)) was in love with a bear that some times turned into a guy. When I heard the name of the bear/guy I got a shock... he was called Misha - Just like Isa's boyfriend! What a coincident! Funny though!

I read yesterday - I think on /. - that many websites have been blocked in Iran! That is very sad as many Iranians are using sites like and to communicate with the rest of the world. Well, maybe this is exactly what the responsible people want to prevent :(


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