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Friday, January 07, 2005

Back at last!

So today I took the Eurolines bus back to Groningen. It really feels weird sitting in an automobile when the sun raises and still when it goes down again. The bus was pretty crowded and I had too much luggage with me so I had to sit with some of it on my legs - for 11 hours! :S

Anyway, from Kolding to Flensburg I got to sit alone...It is the first time the bus has stopped in Flensburg that I remember. Apparently, they were bringing some Germans to Berlin. In Flensburg I got to sit next to an older lady. She had some trouble with walking and after I helped her getting settled she started to talk a lot. She seemed to be a very kind old lady. She told me about how she went to Fanø on vacation for the last 30 years, about her now-dead husband, about her live in Berlin and about the route we were driving :) I think she liked a lot that I listened and talked to her. At least I enjoyed it.

In Hamburg I had to change, but since the Danish driver f*cked a bit up and didn't tell the same story in Danish, German and English, everyone were confused if they had to stay in the bus or change to another. It turned out that I had to change as the bus was continuing to Berlin.

I changed to a Dutch bus, and it was even more crowded...and many people in the bus smelled and looked like they didn't shower for a week or so...that was a bit disgusting, but I survived. Also this time I got to sit next to a German guy. At first, I didn't know that he was German as he didn't say anything :) but after the passport control he kind of woke up and talked and talked :) ..really good day practicing my German...which is not all good, as I had some problems immediately switching to Dutch when I reached Groningen :)


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