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Friday, January 07, 2005

Sometimes I don't understand religious people

Well, I once believed that religion was good and that people who followed - at least the religions that I knew - were good people. Unfortunately, many wars are based on religion and since I have moved to the Netherlands I have gotten a different view on religious people. I cannot comment on all religious people, but I have met some young people who seemed so mean to people who didn't believe in the same as they did. I always lived by the motto that I had to accept differences or at least try understanding them, but this is not what these people seems that they see everyone else as the devil.

Anyway, today I was reading a blog at Lyngaard and I was brought to the attention of What?!! The WestBoro Baptist Church apparently thanks God for for the tsunami and the lost of many Swedish lives and since "filthy, fagoot Swedes have a satanic, draconian law criminalizing Gospel preaching under which they prosecuted, convicted and sentenced Pastor Ake Green to jail - thereby incurring God's irreversible wrath..." (link).

I first thought it was a joke - albeit a very bad one - as many others, but I have been told that it is far from. I don't really know what to say, I am kind of speechless...

The Church makes the statement that all the Sweden go to Thailand to rape and sodomize little Thai boys and girls. I am pretty sure that some are doing this and it saddens me a lot and I think our society should do something about it. But I am also confident that it is far from all of the 20.000 Sweden who went there. But the church doesn't make a different and blames the whole nation..puh...gosh..there are probably also some Americans who do it, so maybe we should blame and wish all Americans dead..I THINK NOT! We can also say that it is people who are doing it, so we should blame all of humanity! ...anyway...I don't feel like writing much more about is just too sick!


  • I was just as flabbergasted as you to see such a reaction from these so-called religious people. Instead of showing the humane face of religion, these people say that God brought down his wrath on these people because they strayed from the path of religion. But you know what, I feel sorry for these people, they are unhappy... hate is a burden on you, how can you be happy when you harbour hate all the time?

    Once I too thought that anyone who was religious had to be a good person. And after certain experiences I began to think that organized religion is the root cause of hate crimes. I am a religious person, but rather than be part of an organization, I have begun to develop a personal relationship with God. And to each his own.

    By Blogger Saakshi, at Saturday, January 08, 2005 11:29:00 PM  

  • I couldn't say it better.

    Some times I don't feel religious, and some times I do... but my relation with God is a personal relationship.

    I don't like praying all the time like some do. I would only pray if it was very important and I wouldn't expect him/her/it/they to listen. I have this feeling that if you are praying the whole time you are praying for everything and for nothing. I know some see it differently and I accept that. But honesty, if I was God I wanted to be normal and I didn't want anyone to look up to me and pray for me.

    By Blogger Kenneth Rohde Christiansen, at Sunday, January 09, 2005 1:51:00 AM  

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