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Friday, January 07, 2005

K'eb 't druk...en ik verveel me zo.

Today has been quite boring; so far at least. I slept until around 10, since I was extremely tired of the bus drive yesterday. Shortly after I got some breakfast and started working on my project. I am currently working together with my friend Aard on a project where we try to visualize how a coral (think coral reef) grows.

It involves implementing a so-called lattice-Boltzmann method, which shouldn't actually be that difficult. Unfortunately, we are plagues with weird mistakes and understanding why it goes wrong and fixing it is very hard. Aard is a lot better at me, as he working with something similar before (as far as I understood) and has studied physics, which I only did for one university year.

Anyway, I spend most of my day looking over the code, understanding it, looking at the formulae, comparing, trying to understand the formulae, mailing Aard to hear if I was thinking right. It felt very bad as I worked hard and didn't accomplish anything! Luckily Aard later found a very stupid mistake, so we might get later this evening or tomorrow.

I just took a break to make some dinner. I choose for Soto, which is a nice Indonesian soup. Unfortunately, it is kind of hard serving because of the mie (kind of spaghetti like noodles) and I ended up making myself quite dirty :) oh, well...I have plenty of t-shirts to choose from :)

I also got around to skype a bit with Helge as it can be quite hard explaining pronunciation without speaking :) Anyway, he says that I am lucky to speak Danish as I can then very easily differenciate different phonemes - I guess he is right :P

Next week, right this time, I know I will be very happy.


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