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Monday, January 10, 2005

...ik ha ek in bytsje Frysk praat

The most of today was quite boring. Well I did talk a bit with minha fofinha so that helped a lot on my mood.

This evening I went to Leeuwarden/Ljouwart/Liwward with the train. I kind of had no idea how to get there, now I was not driving with anyone, so I went with Maaike and Femmigje, who are teaching Dutch people to speak Scandinavian languages :) Maaike is teaching Swedish and Femmigje is teaching Norwegian.

On the way back I was in a hurry. I needed to get to the train station and I needed to find someone to drive with, because it is quite a long walk! and I don't know the way! :) A guy I know drove me, but he also didn't know the direction so we were kind of lost in Leeuwarden, but by asking every 200 meter we finally got there. Luckily the train was 5 min delayed so I got on it just in time before it departed! Lucky! There is no fun in standing one hour at the station - in rain and wind!

In the train I met Femmigje again and ate most of her chocolate :-P It just tasted so nice. Femmigje turned out to be nice to talk to and we had probably the most international talk that I have ever had. We spoke in Norwegian, Danish, Jutish, Norwegian and Frisian :D switching like every five minutes. Femmigje has a Danish husband who apparently likes Western Jutish a lot, so to make some fun with him I had to call him and speak Western Jutish :D haha...that was kind of funny. It was also cool to speak some Frisian with Femmigje. I don't really have any friends speaking that and I really want to learn it. I am kind of bad at it, but understanding Femmigje wasn't that difficult.

We had a nice chat and I think we arranged that I should eat dinner with her and her husband least she said that her husband could make frikadeller and brunsviger for me. NICE!

I also learned that you can say lekker koesse for sleep tight in Frisian. That is pronounced exactly like Danish, lækker kusse...which means something totally different :) If you say that I am not sure that you are going to sleep.


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