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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Am Deutschlernen

So, I started to learn German again. I always felt that I was quite bad at it, but Lívia's German family thought I spoke good German and so said my German friend Helge.

Well, that is actually a bit strange as I didn't use the language much the last 7-8 years. Actually, I never really used it. I did live in Germany for a little month (9 years ago?) or so, but for the rest I have only spoken German with my German teacher :S

I used to have German lessons at school, but our first teacher got ill after 2-3 weeks and died shortly thereafter. We got a replacement teacher, but she didn't really master the language. We got some papers to fill in the right articles and if you asked her if you had done it right, she would have to look at the solution provided with the study book :S We changed teacher again, and the new teacher told me that I would never learn to speak any other language than Danish! There you go, not much believe in my abilities...and thus I learned nothing and barely passed my first exam.

My next exam went a lot better, but I have to thanks the neighbor wife for that! Every time I had written a lousy essay we sat down with me and we corrected to "together". She tried explaining me how it worked, but "together" is a bit wrong, as it was all to much and too difficult a level for me, so I simply gave up...and she ended up correcting it while I was just sitting next to her! But I did learn something! Because I did get a reasonable grade for my exam! Thanks a lot Kirsten for spending so much time for me!

Anyway, that is not 7-8 years ago! I was quite young then and have since forgotten most... or maybe not. I guess that I got better at German indirectly by learning Spanish and later Dutch and Low Saxon. German seems a lot more logical now, and the relation between other languages help me a lot.

Though, I have few problems communicating in German, I want to learn to speak it less faulty and I want to learn to write it better as well :) This is also a requirement if I am going to live, study and work in Germany :) But I am a lucky guy since I have good friends, and Helge is teaching me German grammar online! That is sooo cool and nice of him! Bedankt mien Oostfreeske fründ! Vielen dank mein Ostfriesischer freund!

I also got a lot of hörspiele so that I can listen to German and pick up words!

Lets see how much I have improved next time I am in Passau :)


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