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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I am rich!!! or not :)

I wrote my bank to ask how much money I got in rent last year. I needed this for some papers that I have to fill in.

Hej Kenneth
Sidste år fik 1,33 kr. Det er jo ikke lige frem den store formue :)

Hello Kenneth
Last year you got 1,33 DKK (7 DKK = 1 EUR). Which isn't exactly a fortune :)

Autumn is getting here :)

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Grades...and degrees.

Today was an okay day...I was kind of afraid since I would get the grade for my Geometric Algorithms exam - which I felt didn't go so well. To my surprise, it didn't go that bad either, as I got 7 (out of 10, 10 being the best). Unfortunately one of my good friends got 2,5 so he was quite sad :S Now he can only pass the course if he gets 9 or 10 for his project - which is quite unlikely :S I am quite sad for him...I feel relieved that it went well for me...but it is also not nice when a hard working friend of yours performs so bad.

I also got my first project back in Scientific Visualization. It went quite well as I got 8,5 ...but I was a bit curious about what I did wrong so I went to ask my teacher assistant who corrected my report. He couldn't really tell me what I did wrong, so I got a bit annoyed and told him to correct it once again. He agreed with me, and now I got 9,5 !!!! YES! Now I have to ask every time :P.

After school I went to Sybren and Nadia's place in order to eat there. I was supposed to cook Danish dinner, and so I did :P It went OK, but my sauce was quite a failure I think, though Nadia said that she like it (probably to make me feel a bit better). At first I didn't put enough salt in it...and then I added waaay too much :S I don't know why I always fuck up when making traditional Danish white sauce...I need more practice I guess :D

Now I will soon go to bed...Before I need to write a letter and then study my presentation (Oral Exam regarding Visualization of Vector Field Topology) for tomorrow...maybe I will skip it and just get up a bit earlier...donno what is the best idea at this point...

It is getting quite cold here :S Sometimes as low as 0 degrees!...This morning I guess it was around 2 degrees...Good that I got a hat and some warm gloves! :D

Friday, October 08, 2004

I am a are a Smurf...hmm..OK :D

So I went to a party yesterday evening, which was good as my exam didn't go so well. Actually the exam was nothing like the assignments we have done so far. I found it very hard and I was also struggeling with the terminology :S Anyway, the party wasn't that good was quite nice that people were dressed up, but there were only few of my friends, it was extremely crowded and it was like being in a sauna :S Luckely, we all met before the party and spend like 4 hours at Daniels place. That part of the evening was quite nice.

When walking to Daniels place a lot of people looked at me, and I heart a lot of people talking about smurfs :D. Well, no wonder since I was dressed up as a Pict (one of the old blue painted Celts of Britain). People didn't really know about picts so in the eyes of the others, I was a of those sweet ones from the cartoon :P I remember at some time I heard a guy shout "Hey, hey, Jeroen, come here, you gotta see this. There is a guy walkng with a sword. Gosh, his whole face is blue..." haha, all these comments while walking made me laugh a lot and be a bit embarraged - though I tried hiding it :D

Anyway, I hope to pass the exam, as those (not that many) people that I talked to found it hard and shitty as well. This means that the teacher might have to adjust the grade, so that at least some of us pass.

Now I am about to go to school, since I want...^D^D ..need I mean (want is a wrong word :)) to work on my assignment in Computer Vision. I spend 2 hours yesterday and finished the first part...then I turned the page and noticed that there were 6!!! parts :S My friend then told me that it took them 8-9 hours to finish it last year...and they were two...I have to do it all by myself...I really need to find a praticals partner in the next semester!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Visit from Poland

Yesterday I was quite happy. Well I got up and turned on the computer. Within seconds my sister Skyped me (for the first time) using my parents PC. She wanted to remind me that it was my dads anniversary...gosh, I didn't know I had to rush and borrow a phone and call him! but he had already been picket up by a lot of his friends who made a party for him! Congratulation dad! 25 years! I really hope your employer values you as much as you deserve!

Afterward I went (delayed) to school where I had to meet a guy called Aard that I will do one project with. I haven't met him before, but he seemed quite nice. We are having some problems with the project though as the teacher assistant isn't doing his job! First of all we have to develop a module, but they don't have the developer edition of the application we are using :S so we need to use another program and spend a lot of time learning it :S Secondly, he hasn't got the data file that we need to use, but he knows that it is not in the correct file format, and that is just our problem converting it...:S though we need to read the file format description and write a converter! SUCKS! Lots of extra work that I dislike!

Before leaving for school I got very very happy! I looked at the mail and ! waaauuw! there was my Bachelor Diploma! Thus, everything worked out fine and I had all the points that I needed! I am sooo happy and wants to celebrate it!!!! I will show a pic of it one day. It says that I have been awarded the title of B.Sc! Cool! :D

Yesterday evening I got a visit from Poland! Soo nice! It was my friend Ola that I met at my Summer Course in Zeist last year. I have really missed our funny time together, so it was quite nice seeing her again...and she seemed to be a bit "overeager" as well :P Ola brought her Dutch boyfriend (Michiel) along with her, and he seemed nice as well.

We talked a bit, drank some coffee, listened to music and ate some cookies :P A bit later than 0:00 we went to the city to drink a few beers together and enjoy ourselves! All in all it was a nice day and in two hours I will meet them again :D

Now it is time to start studying again!