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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Plagiats-t-shirts... na ja... Betales is a cool band afterall!

hmm... I look strange here... well, anyway, it is supposed to be me.


"..the idea is that you hit with the dart within these circles, otherwise you get no further..."

..und dann gab es essen! Schwartzbroot und Schwartzfleis ;-)

Normal people have a cat, a dog or so.. but apparenly not people working at DLR!

Whoo... later there was actually nice food!

My office :) And yes, there are trees outside!

Wow! at my office they gave me specially designed drawers with my middle name printed on! NICE!

Ohhh... Those Ruperts are so happy together!

Aiiii... I got the eugle! (or how you write that... well doesn't matter so much, it is more like a monkey anyway!)

This is for all my Brazilian friends! Yeah, really... when you are older than 18 it is really about time to learn to cook some of the most basic things and learn to wash clothes, clean the bathroom etc.. well, you don't :S I know, so now at least let me teach you to how to make an "Omelete do Kenne" ! It is quite simple! Just follow the steps shown in the picture and then after 2-3 tries I am sure you have succeeded! Good luck pals!

yeah... about time :) also took the whole sunday! Well, actually I had a nice relaxing weekend... Friday I went with Paula to a huuuge, great party at the university and saturday I was so tired and with pain in my feets (danced too much?) that I did absolutely nothing... hehe.. well, then sunday I at last got around to cleaning my room and the rest of the apartment! whooo :-D now it might stay clean a whole week... lets cross our fingers!

Thursday, April 20, 2006 bed at 6, up at 7 and arrgg... back to bed... yeah... was supposed to go to work, but it turned out that I needed more sleep.

Yesterday I was supposed to go with Paula to a party at RWL, but she got a job in Düsseldorf so she had to get up quite early... so anyway I went to her place and we went together to Zülpicherplatz to meet some friends of her that were going to the party as well... I met some other people there that I knew already, like Mr. Schönheit aka Enrique, Lisa, ... blah blah... anyway, it was quite nice and later some of us went to the party and met some other people which means that I am invited to parties for the next 3 days...

Anyway, around 3 today I went to the university to meet Sylvia and we went a bit to the city to look around... really cozy :) ... Later her mother came and we went to look at some rooms Sylvia is interested in and later we went for a cup of coffee..

.... so that was a brief update on my life... until next time.

Me and Sylvia drinking a capocino with her mother

Monday, April 17, 2006

Not so much to do today, been going out every single night (and day actually) the last 5 days and I needed a day off. Yesterday night I went to a great Drum n' Bass concert with my roommate Malte.. man that was so great! The melody is still living inside my head =)

I forgot to shop... :S Almost nothing in the house, and still I managed to make this delicious meal out of almost nothing... seems my cooking skills are improving =)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Making IM history?

As a long-time instant messenger (IM) user I have gotten quite some good ideas how the whole instant messaging experience could be improved in order to match the current use and still stay simple and useful. I have put a lot of thought into this and I have discussed my ideas from time to time with Nokia engineer and friend, Marcelo who is currently working on the client for the INdT (Instituto Nokia da Technologia) IM framework Tapióca.

Yesterday Marcelo told me that he got green light for implementing some of my ideas! That is really cool =)

Whoo... now it seems that I am making Instant Messaging history!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bonn, one more city down!

Just in case the below pictures doesn't make it clear, I spend the day today in Bonn with some new friends of mine. I've become quite lazy at writing in my blog.. I should really try changing that, but there is so much to write about and I have no idea where to start... Anyway, Happy Easter to everyone!

Happy Easter, Vrolik paasweek, Prettige paasdagen, God påske, Feliz pascoa, Good paaske... etc .. etc. . .

Right now I'm drinking a cup of coffee and in an hour or so I will go out with a friend of mine called Steffen... The night is young... and shit, I forgot to shop for tomorrow :-S

Aiiee... such a camera is just Hammergeil!


Very interesting brochures...

Beethoven lives here... actually was born.. but as we can see in the window, he might still be around...

Bonn ist ganz gemuetlich!

..natürlich in Rietz aber bei mir gibt es nur currywurst mit pommes frites

Aiii.... my great friend the easter chicken!

"So schön wie Bonn", ja... so hat Lisa das gesagt. Aber ja, sie ist doch auch ganz schön =)

Paulinchen is such an angle! Sweet, né?


A joystick? A dildo? well.. nooooo... it is just the standard glass used for serving Boennsch

The group drinking Boennsch... well, mostly the group, since Paula is taking the picture,

The station is cozy looking like most things in Bonn