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Monday, May 23, 2005

Ha quando tempo...

Long time since I wrote anything, but I haven't felt like it.

My internship is progressing accordantly to the plan and I kind of like it. The weather has also been fine, which is good as I have to move all my and Lívias stuff to our new room in the beginning of next month. Yes, we got a new room. Kind of small, but I think it will be okay for the time we will be staying there.

Lívia is going to concentrate on her German studies and it thus not working for her Au Pair family any longer. I think it is for the best and Lívia seems more happy now. It is of course a bit more complicated as we have to take care of many things as for instance getting a new insurance, etc ... but soon this will all be taken care of and we will be less stresses again =)

I hope you are all good!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Nice weather.... uh... makes me really relax and enjoy the world around me...

I am undergoing the transformation into a Brazilian... be careful :P

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Gosh, I missed eating Frikadeller :) but luckily I can make them myself... and did so for my love.

Monday, May 09, 2005

A Roman man located at the Roman museum that we visited.

Que lindo, ne?

Flowerfields forever :)

Beautiful, èh? =) I think so...

Me and the beautiful Schlögen in the background

Me on the ferry to Schlögen, Austria

Last week

So what have I been doing this last week... hmm... Well, mostly I have been busy with my work and things seem to be progressing. I have only been to work 3 days as thursday was a holiday and because my work said that I didn't have to meet Friday =D

Thursday I went with Lívia and her class to Austria. We went with a boat sailing along the Danube (Donau) and two hours later we arrived in Schlögen in Austria. It was a very beautiful place, that more reminded me of the Austria that we know from the movies. We were supposed to walk a little bit, but it turned out that we had to walk a whole lot and not the most accessible places :( The walking was a bit tooo much, especially since we are not used to it, and it made the whole trip less nice, which is sad as I wanted to have enjoyed the nature a bit more. Unfortunately, my mood was not to it. On the way back it was even worse as someone recommented us to take a shorter path, which turned out to be longer (we arrived 40 minutes later that the people taken the "longer" path) and it envolved walking down a looong and very dangerous slope :( This was not nice and Lívia was panicing. Luckely, with the help of two others we got her down safely. I also got down safely; only felt one time and hitted my hand.

While waiting for the boat I was doing some gymnastics, being the acrobat that I am. Lívia told me that she thinks that I will be really good at Capoeira and that I actually already was... hihi =D

On friday, Lívia decided not to go to school, which was very nice as we could sleep long and enjoy the morning before she went to the au pair family. It was also well deserved! Lívia was so tired and exorsted from the walk the day before so she really needed to relax a bit.

In the evening Lívia came with the nice message that her au pair mother told her that she did not have to work on Saturday! Jubiii!!!! =D Great! Just what we both needed.

Lívia was getting a bit crazy of the house here, and me too actually, so we started some MAJOR cleaning! I guessed that we spend a couple of hours; me cleaning the bathroom and her the kitchen. Wow! What a difference! =)

Since we both started looking for a new room for me, we went to Lederergasse to look at a place. What an adventure. First of all, the weather turned very bad and we were walking in storm and heavy rain. This was not enough though as we couldn't find the room. Finally, we gave up and walked home ...BUT we got lost and ended up walking very far in the WRONG direction. Both freezing and just wanted to get home, we walked and walked and finally reached the center of the city, the Fussgängerzone (aka fuzo). We went shopping a lot of nice things and really enjoyed the last of the day in each others company.

Sunday was also very nice. We called the man again and went to the room once more. On the way there we saw a Roman museum and decided to enter the museum. Quite interesting, especially for Lívia as she probably haven't seen many of these things before =) Very nice for me as well. On the way back the sun appeared and we decided to drink a beer somewhere. Looking for a nice beer garden, we suddently heard someone call Líííviiiaa, Líviaaa... It turned out to be Lívia's friend Luciane, who was in the city to meet her 'boyfriend'. We went with her to a students café and had a nice time. A bit later her semi-boyfriend, the Japanese Taiki showed up and he seemed like a very nice guy.

We decided to split up and Lívia and me walked home. While she cleaned the kitchen a bit, I went to my friend Christian to borrow some DVD's for us to watch :) The rest of the day we relaxed. Ate nice dinner (my own new recipe), talked and watched one of the DVD's.

Monday, May 02, 2005

1. May - out lovily Sunday together.

So I haven't written anything in a couple of days. I have been quite busy at my work and so far I like it. I have gotten to know a few new tools, done a lot of thinking and analysing and I have also implemented some ideas :) On the house front everything is great. I get to see Lívia every day in the evening and we wake up next to each other. The only think that is not so nice, is that we only have sunday really for our selves. During the weekdays time is short and we don't have time to do that much together, except shopping, eating dinner, relaxing a bit and then sleeping. Sunday is different as we can get up late and do whatever we want. I wish we could do that Saturday as well, but unfortunately Lívia needs to work for her family (au pair) so that she can pay for her German course.

This sunday was really nice. I feel that we are becoming very close and that makes me happy. It is not that we did much, but we had a nice time together, slept long, had nice breakfast and went into the city :)

In the evening, a guy knocked on our door. Apparently it was a friend of one of my "roommates" (a girl living in another room in this appartment and not really in my room èh) but apparently a guy who met me at the GUADEC conference last summer in Norway. He was like '...and my friend said that a Danish guy lives here now ... and I said THE KENNETH? ... what is the world small. ... blah blah :P :P' Funny. Yes, sometimes the world is indeed small.

Such a nice sunday with my love... and I can tell you, it has really become summer in Passau! =D

Passauer Bierhimmel... Beer heaven is to be found in Passau... at least during Maidult where Passau is having a party similar to the known Oktoberfest.

Oan, twoa, dräi...sufen!!! =)