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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Nádia and Luis dropped by for dinner!

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Almost home.... tired! so tired! I had such a headache this morning.. and then I helped Jens make a bit of technical design for one of his projects... really didn't help with my headache, but I know he appreciated it a lot :) so it was a pleasure to do... Thanks friend for being so kind and giving me a nice time again in Groningen! Hou je taai!

The view of the Oosterpark...

Another morning... now I am getting used to make coffee this way :P

And the Olde Grieze aka Martinitoren!

The Municipaly of Groningen City

Looks like Binne is still ready to party, but it all seems closed :(

Binne in some kind of Pub (Het Vaatje) around 6 o' clock

So finished eating! and straight to the beers and movie!

Jens and Binne are very busy preparing dinner for me. Friday evening we went to Binne to eat and later go out a bit... Jens went home around 0:00, shortly after Mauritz showed up... but somehow I managed to get home at 7am hehe

Jens has one of those ducks! yeah... just look what it brings up in him :) heheeh sweet childhood memories!

Jens also cooked some Tortillas ala Jens for me... new recipe... but TASTY :P In the Netherlands they use gas for cooking, just like in Brazil!

Uh... I really need an Apple.. see how good it looks with my iPod!

My good friend Jens, smiling and funny as always!

Well... My Danish friend Jens was so kind to let me stay as his and Danielle's place, but coffee cooking proved to be a bit of a problem... so let me introduce my latest invention :)

So I am almost ready to go to my exam! Yeah this weekend I went to the Netherlands as I had to do an oral exam in Architecture and Infrastructure... I was fearing the exam a bit, but it weird better than my expectations as I got a 9 (out of 10) which was the best grade given! Whoo!! :D

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Recipe... how to make soup the Japanese way :)

YEah, I know... Japanese food is delicious... well, that will say with the exception of the soup... Soup... well yeah, it consists of water... but does it also have to taste of water? Apparenly yes! well... at least we can spice it up a bit by putting a few nicely cut vegables in it...

Mom! Mom! I miss soup the way you make it! With kødboller and melboller og alt der som skat til! Kom kom... tag suppen med, så skal jeg nok vise jer rundt i Køln! Posted by Picasa

Jörg leaves work... part 3

So...yes, Jörg got a Kimono or what it was it was called...or was that the name of the restaurant? I don't remember right now...anyway, it is a kind of pyjama, that is not really a pyjama but instead some kind of very fine Japanese dress... well, at least Jörg knew very well what it was, and of course we forced him to try in on! :) Inside the Japanese restaurant, heheh...

Yes,... and then a bit more to the right....

...and TA-DAAAA!!! and it is on!

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Jörg leaves work... part 2

Uh.... I looove sushi!!!

But if we all pay good attention, we will notice that der Jörg definately also likes getting presents! So here is the present in question... does it look Japanese to you? It definately does to me!

"...but... it says that it is Chinese..?!". Yeah, well.. Chinese, Japanese... it is all Asian to me =)

Christmas lights in the eyes! and uh... the big moment is getting closer!

Jörg leaves work... part 1

So Jörg from my work is leaving and invited us all to go to a Japanese restaurant to say good bye in a more relaxed way.

I have never been at a Japanese restaurant before, but people who know me, knows that I like to learn about and try new things!

The first thing that surprised me was the price! A menu costed between 26-46 euros :-O ... and then the second surprise came when I saw how few pieces the so-called "vegetables plate" consisted of!

Anyway, the food was delicious, though you had to get used to the sticks :-P