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Monday, December 12, 2005

Ohhhh sooo cute! Here we have my little niece Freya! I look so much forward actually meeting her in real life when I am celebrating christmas at my sister, Janne's place! Janne made the dress herself! So handy she is! She has a proud brother, that is for sure...

Caju! Or better known as Cashew nuts... I never imagined them actually being a fruit (used for juice) with a nut attached! Now I understand why Cashew nuts are so insane expensive!

See what kind of food they "forced" me to eat, hehehe... luckily I loooooved it! :) Especially the octupus/squid we had one of the first days!

The Netherlands is indeed flat! Here you see Amsterdam/Schiphol

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Pure beauty... Almost as puur as my sweetieheartie :)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Marcelo, the gaming expert at Instituto Nokia da Technologia (INdT).

Eating with some of the people from Instituto Nokia da Technologia :)

How the favelas look from an appartment...

The favelas... full with chearful children, and just because I am talking a photo of them


Such peace in my mind!

The pousada!

Fishers in the ocean close to Pousada Barra Velha where we stayed.

So beautiful and yet more beautiful in real life! Ponta Verde beach!

Frances, the first beach that I really experience in Brazil

It is getting around 5pm and the sun is setting over Olinda - So quiet and beautiful

A church in Olinda!

Some street dancers in Olinda!

Me looking at the wonderful beach Maragogi