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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A trip to East Frisia

Today was a perfect day in most ways that I can think of.

Lívia and me went to the city of Leer in East Frisia in order to do some paper work. We were supposed to go with the train the whole way but the German train failed and we were picked up by a Taxi - must be an expensive day for Die Bahn :P but we didn't mind as we got to Leer even earlier.

Leer was perfect... very beautiful, quiet and still there was a lot to do. We both really had the feeling that we were on vacation and that is not a bad feeling at all ;) While we were in Leer in also had the chance to taste the traditional East Frisian Tea with Kluntjes un Room. VERY NICE INDEED! We also met the sea mermin (Seewievke) and we also saw that Leer has some relations to Brasil :)

We ended up buying some nice tea there as well as the tea we tasted was great and the owner of the store was extremely nice and welcoming! Waouw, what a difference from Bavaria.. actually, all people we had contact with (asked for the way, etc) were very kind and made us feel very welcome.

Today was extremely warm and it was the only thing that wasn't optimal ... But think about it, this time of the year it could be raining and storming - so I guess that we shouldn't complain at all :) though we were almost dying from the heat on the way home...

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

School is soon starting...

... but luckely we still have a few days to relax :)

Yesterday was quite relaxing... just shopping, buying some nice turkish bread, trying to eat cous cous (cuscuz in Portuguese) for the first time, and also buying the DVD Central do Brasil. It is so wonderful relaxing when my love is around! The day before Magriet and Jens came by to eat Danish frikadeller med blomkål og hvid sovs :) Delicious! We also ate some water mellon and some mangoes :) yam yamm... Later we went to the Noorderplantsoen theather and cross over festival but the concert we were going to watch was already ending :( Oh well... we enjoyed it a lot there anyway :)

A couple of days before, we also went there with Georg and Mark from my study. It is always cool when there is a lot to do here in Groningen.

Tomorrow we will probably be going to Leer in Germany as we need to take care of some things there... Maybe we will follow Helge's advise and drink some East Frisian tea while we are there :)

Friday, August 26, 2005

Back in Groningen

So, finally I got to write again. I have had internet for a week now, but didn't really know where to start as so much has happened since last I wrote. I think the best thing is not to try writing all what happened but just start telling what happens from day to day, and then continue from there.

I have had a great time abroad ! It has been a joy living with my love and I have learned so many things and I know that she has too. I managed to find money so that we could go on vacation in Denmark and I have never been so proud showing my country before. Our schedule was very tight: only 10 days and so many things to explore. We ate Danish food; Lívia got introduced to my family and the Danish culture; and we went to a Zoo, to some nice cities, to a small island and many other things. It was wonderful having her with me - This is a time that we won't ever forget.

Our trip to Groningen was tough! Really tough! 2 mega bags, 1 half size, 2 other normal bags, my laptop and a little bag... You have no idea how HEAVY that was! especially the one with books. Anyway, we had to change train 5 times and each time we had around 5 minutes to do so... Amazingly, we did't miss any of the trains!

Today it is the wedding of my friend Mathieu! Congratulation Mathieu and Anneke! May your marriage bring you many years of joy!

For the rest, not much is happening since we are both very lazy :P To sum up our days ... we just eat, shop, eat, listen to music, eat, watch the telly and sleep :P OK, not entirely - but you know what I mean.