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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

School is soon starting...

... but luckely we still have a few days to relax :)

Yesterday was quite relaxing... just shopping, buying some nice turkish bread, trying to eat cous cous (cuscuz in Portuguese) for the first time, and also buying the DVD Central do Brasil. It is so wonderful relaxing when my love is around! The day before Magriet and Jens came by to eat Danish frikadeller med blomkål og hvid sovs :) Delicious! We also ate some water mellon and some mangoes :) yam yamm... Later we went to the Noorderplantsoen theather and cross over festival but the concert we were going to watch was already ending :( Oh well... we enjoyed it a lot there anyway :)

A couple of days before, we also went there with Georg and Mark from my study. It is always cool when there is a lot to do here in Groningen.

Tomorrow we will probably be going to Leer in Germany as we need to take care of some things there... Maybe we will follow Helge's advise and drink some East Frisian tea while we are there :)


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