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Friday, August 26, 2005

Back in Groningen

So, finally I got to write again. I have had internet for a week now, but didn't really know where to start as so much has happened since last I wrote. I think the best thing is not to try writing all what happened but just start telling what happens from day to day, and then continue from there.

I have had a great time abroad ! It has been a joy living with my love and I have learned so many things and I know that she has too. I managed to find money so that we could go on vacation in Denmark and I have never been so proud showing my country before. Our schedule was very tight: only 10 days and so many things to explore. We ate Danish food; Lívia got introduced to my family and the Danish culture; and we went to a Zoo, to some nice cities, to a small island and many other things. It was wonderful having her with me - This is a time that we won't ever forget.

Our trip to Groningen was tough! Really tough! 2 mega bags, 1 half size, 2 other normal bags, my laptop and a little bag... You have no idea how HEAVY that was! especially the one with books. Anyway, we had to change train 5 times and each time we had around 5 minutes to do so... Amazingly, we did't miss any of the trains!

Today it is the wedding of my friend Mathieu! Congratulation Mathieu and Anneke! May your marriage bring you many years of joy!

For the rest, not much is happening since we are both very lazy :P To sum up our days ... we just eat, shop, eat, listen to music, eat, watch the telly and sleep :P OK, not entirely - but you know what I mean.


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