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Monday, May 02, 2005

1. May - out lovily Sunday together.

So I haven't written anything in a couple of days. I have been quite busy at my work and so far I like it. I have gotten to know a few new tools, done a lot of thinking and analysing and I have also implemented some ideas :) On the house front everything is great. I get to see Lívia every day in the evening and we wake up next to each other. The only think that is not so nice, is that we only have sunday really for our selves. During the weekdays time is short and we don't have time to do that much together, except shopping, eating dinner, relaxing a bit and then sleeping. Sunday is different as we can get up late and do whatever we want. I wish we could do that Saturday as well, but unfortunately Lívia needs to work for her family (au pair) so that she can pay for her German course.

This sunday was really nice. I feel that we are becoming very close and that makes me happy. It is not that we did much, but we had a nice time together, slept long, had nice breakfast and went into the city :)

In the evening, a guy knocked on our door. Apparently it was a friend of one of my "roommates" (a girl living in another room in this appartment and not really in my room èh) but apparently a guy who met me at the GUADEC conference last summer in Norway. He was like '...and my friend said that a Danish guy lives here now ... and I said THE KENNETH? ... what is the world small. ... blah blah :P :P' Funny. Yes, sometimes the world is indeed small.


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