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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Bad Schallenbach

Today Lívia and me went with her guest family to Bad Schallenbach in Austria. This was my first time in Austria and we wasn't really going to see Austria, nah, instead we went with the bus to an inside aqua paradise :) It was really a cool day; the whole time I was with my girlfriend and we enjoyed being together, trying some of the fun rides in the water coasters and enjoying the sun when we swam outside!

In the evening the family drove us to our home and we enjoyed the rest of the day together, went to bed and slept so quiet knowing that we didn't have to get up early the following day!

Btw, it seems that people here in Bayern (and where we were in Austria) say 'schwümmen' and if it wasn't for the sch and the n at the end, it would sound exactly like Danish 'svømme'. Funny that they also have an [ø]~[Y] in this word!

One of the things that you really notice here is that they diminiative ending is not -chen, but -l. It is almost impossible (OK, excaterated) to find a shop not ending with -l. You, thus, also hear people say 'oan bissl' (ein bisschen), mei madl (mein mädchen) etc... funny =)

I guess, this is probably also the area where the popular Didd*l* figure comes from.


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