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Thursday, April 21, 2005

What a nice morning! Before we went to sleep, Lívia told me that she didn't have school today... well, it was more a wish than the truth and we both knew it =( Anyway, we both slept too long, kind of on purpose and had a very nice morning. Next week I start with my work so this will probably be the last time :/ I picked Lívia up after her school and we went into the center of the city to find a new swimming bikini for her. The last one unfortunately ended up in the dryer and now only fits a 10 year old Lívia ;-) Puh, that wasn't an easy task! The bikinis here are awful... I don't really hope Germans wear these but they probably do :| Anyway, after looking in 3-4 different stores (and looking very carefully) we went back to the C&A and found one that wasn't that bad... now the only problem was finding one that actually fit :S At last we succeeded and since we had around 30 minutes before the bus arrived, I went buying a döner kebap... YES! Whoo! Soo nice tasting. Still not tasting so well as in Copenhagen, but there is a world of difference between the quality here and the lousy quality in Groningen.

Since Lillie went to the guest family later today, she also went to me a little hour later. A long with her she brought a recipe and some ingredients... hahah.. unfortunately, she forgot some of the ingredients and we were out of pasta =D hahah... anyway, there is a solution to everything and we ended up eating a nice dinner :)

Anna (one of the people that I am living with) asked us yesterday if we wanted to come along to a pub and maybe later a disco, so around 22:00 we went out. The pub was situated at the other end of the city, so we walked for a very long time. Luckily, having Lívia by my side makes everything 1000 times nicer =). Liu have also started talking a lot more Portuguese to me and I slowly understand more and more... so nice! Which is something I cannot say about the pub. It turned out to be more of a disco pub that a pub in the traditional sense. Though, there is nothing wrong with that, this pub was extremely crowded. It was impossible to move, impossible to talk and it was clear that it wasn't the place where we would get to know new people. Lívia hated it and so did I, so there was no point in staying there.

On the way back we dropped by one of the Passau info-standers which makes it possible to surf the city webpage. It also makes it possible to check other websites (though it is kind of unhandy with on-screen-keyboard) and I went to check my mail.

I got an mail from Jan-Willem, and it seems like they found someone to live in my room! Yahoo! I should have replied to the person earlier but I first got Internet today... I hope everything will work out... would be really benificual for me!

I also got an email from my Gronings teacher and it was an email that warmed me a lot. He wrote very nice words about my accomplishment (the essay that I wrote) and told me that I got a 9! (out of ten)! YES! =D

When Lívia and me arrived home we were both very tired...and soon went to bed. I had a really nice night... slept so deep, so happy, feeling so safe and without worries and the morning was just as nice! Living with my Lívia is a dream come true!

Before we felt asleep we listened to music and it is unbelievable how much music can make you remember about specific times in you life... I have been thinking about this many times and when listening to one of the songs that reminds me the most of my love, she told me that that song reminded her very much about me =)

On a side note, we took a picture together this morning that was a kind of failure, but in many ways also very cool... I manipulated the picture a bit and it turned out really really nice... I might post it later :)


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