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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Lívia and me originally planned to do a picknick today, but she has a test tomorrow so she had to study with her friends. I also have to turn something in tomorrow but I don't think I can make it on time and I know the teacher will accept even though I turn it in a couple of days later.

Two of Lívia's friends, Luciane and Patrícia came by to study with her. I let them study and started working on my paper... but I couldn't really concentrate. The girls had a lot to talk about and weren't studying that seriously :P hihi...I kind of felt like joining them and having a bit of fun, but I still doesn't know the other girls and they were speaking Portuguese so I continues working on my paper. I also really wanted Lívia to study as I know it is very important for her.

Unfortunately, after two hours I missed my girlfriend and couldn't really concentrate anymore so I went to sit next to her. Unfortunately it wasn't so nice as I couldn't follow the conversations and thus couldn't participate. I know Lívia could feel that I wasn't so happy and afterward I feel really bad letting her feel that.

It is important for her to have a nice time with her friend and to study and I don't want her to feel that she cannot do that - I *really* don't. Well, we only live together for 4 days now and I haven't really gotten used to it yet. With time everything will be different... =) everything takes time. I have to get used to Lívia and me not only doing nice things together =) We probably both need to and we will.

Next thursday, we will go out with her friends and it will be a great oppotunity for me to get to know them. I look forward to that as this time I basically only said 'hi' and 'bye' =)

Lívia gave me a photo of her with her new hair :) and apologised on the back for cutting my hair... hahah ...hehe, don't worry my sweetie... I don't mind and I allowed you to cut me :P Thanks for the picture though. I loved it!

In the evening Lívia felt like eating an ice cream and I actually did to, so we went out (half past eight, I think) and bought two ice creams with two balls :D sooo nice! really cool walk and I felt very good.

When we got home we warmed some of our leftovers from the other days and after eating we went to watch 'The Village', but it was mostly me who watched it as Lívia was tired and had to sleep for her exam tomorrow. I guess that we will watch the end again tonight :) Good luck tomorrow my sweet!

NB: Wow, in Germany you can buy rugbrød (nld. roggebrood, deu. roggenbrot) that tastes just like that you buy in Denmark! Gosh, I have missed this sooo soo so so so so so so so so so sooooo sooo soo soo so sooo much! Can I ever return to the Netherlands again?! *-)


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