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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Today I had visit from Jelena. She is the one who wants to make a children book based on my Dutch poem 'Het Konijntje' =) It was quite nice. We talked a lot and drank some coffee ...later we went to her place where I got to say hi to her boyfriend Richard. We picked up her laptop and went back to my room :) where we listened to each others music collection.

Jelena gave me her cartoon book 'Saiso - a year in the life' and signed it by drawing a picture of me =)

My love sent a picture of herself and her friend by her friends mobile phone!!! sooo lovely :) makes me miss her soo much :) but soon we are together - almost living like husband and wife. Totally excided! Lívia, ich vermisse dich und ich liebe dich mein Schatz!


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