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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Great exam!

Today I had an exam in my AVV course which is 'Groningen Low Saxon, an introduction to'. I am quite interested in Low Saxon as most people know and that was also why I decided to join this course.

Unfortunately, I started quite late and missed the first 3 our of 7 lectures :S which means that I had to do some self studying in my non-existing spare time. I was supposed to read the last part of the book yesterday but many things kept me away from doing so, which resulted in me having to get up quite early this very morning.

It is a very nice book but at times it is quite hard for me to read as it uses a different domain of the Dutch language and thus a lot of new terminology. It also often explains phenomina with words that only native Dutch speakers know and understand... Because of this I felt that I missed a lot of the points in the book, and didn't learn as much as I wanted to.

It was a bit the same with the exam, as I was uncertain of the exact meaning of some of the questions; or because I had problems findings the right words to describe my answer or finding examples to show what I was describing. Anyway, no worrying =) I already got my result and I got a 9 (45 points in total) - unfortunately that is one point below 10 (46 points and above is required for 10; max amount of points is 49).

I am proud of my accomplishment. Who would have thought that a Dane would get a 9 in a written exam 'bout the Low Saxon variaties of the province of Groningen =)


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