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Monday, April 11, 2005

Today is the day before I leave to Passau to live with my girlfriend and to do my internship. I am very excited and also very afraid. Everything will be different, I know, but I am sure we will make it work. I still haven't found anyone to live in my room so it looks like I have to pay for two rooms :S Well, the company told me that they would pay me a bit as well...but I am not sure now much nor when I will get the money. We'll see... In the evening some people in my house arranged a 'borrel' for me - a kind of good bye ceremony. I liked it, especially since I got to talk to José about myself and my life and she told me that she now understands me a bit better and had gotten me a bit wrong. It was kind of nice getting something settled before I left. Everyone in the house told me that Lívia and me look so lovely together... They have all seen us, but noone told this before. José even said that she had seen us walking in the city a couple of times and we looked so happy together... but ofcourse we didn't see anything as we were lost in each others :P


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