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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wohoo...the first night living mit meiner Schatz has passed and it feels so good =) Lillie, I love you! In the morning I broght Lívia to school... felt really nice doing so! Felt really like being husband and wife..really nice. Unfortunately, we got there way too late - a bad start èh? and Lívia also went home earlier :S. Oh well... we have to get used to living together, doing our things and *of course* that takes time. Finding the balance is always hard.

It is our 3 months day today. Our relationship has evolved very quickly... maybe a bit too quickly for us to adapt to... It has been 3 great months though, and I am sure that when we get used to our new life, things will be even greater. I really love being with Lívia... she makes me feel happy, relax and I am so many great moments with her. I think she thinks the same, or I know, though I also know that she requires some more time to adapt to everything.

So many things has happened in her life: New country, new culture, the relationship with me, being away from family and friends, thinking about studying in Germany, etc. She has to find out what she wants to make of life and that is not easy - I know. I will be there for her though and help her as much as I can. I know what I want now... has taken me a long time to figure that out. Whatever she wants to do, I will be there for her and if that means that I for instance have to move to Brazil, I will do so. I want her to be happy and follow her heart. I don't want to be a chain on her leg. Her happiness means a lot to me. I want a girlfriend that is happy and that can share her love with me.


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