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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

First day in Passau!

Today I arrived in Passau and my love came running to pick me up. All in all it was a wonderful day. Lívia was supposed to bring me to my rented room and then go back to school but she decided to stay =D The room is really nice. Quite big, nice colours, lots of stuff from Brazil... really really cool and the other girl living here, Anna, seems quite nice as well! Lívia had understood that there were internet in my room but unfortunately it isn't so which means that I won't be online much and my blog won't be updated so often. Actually, I can't use my computer yet (or not for very long - only 2 hours of batteries left) as I forgot to bring my power adapter! A bit later today, Claudio, a friend of the guy which room that I am renting, came by to explain me about the house and introduce me to the people. He seemed kind of nice, and he showed me many picture of Brazil and enjoyed seeing my pictures of Denmark, the Netherlands etc. My phone doesn't work here so I couldn't sms my friend Christian as I had promised... kind of stupid :( and really hard for me to arrange things with people now I am without phone and internet! Anyway, I borrowed the phone of Claudio and later went to say hi to Christian. In the evening me and Lívia were supposed to drop by but her phone was out of power and we didn't see the sms that Christian sent before it was too late. I went there and noone were home. In the evening Lívia and me cooked nice food together and after doing shoppings here, I must say that food is a lot cheaper in Germany than where I shop in the Netherlands.


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