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Friday, April 15, 2005

Schönes Wetter

So unbelievable nice weather today! I brough Lívia to school again and this time we were only a bit belated. =) Already improving. After Lívia went to her guest family (she is au pair for those who don't know) I decided to go out and buy an adapter for my computer. It proved to be quite impossible. All adapters were from German socket to Foreigh socket :S and I needed a Danish socket to German socket adapter. Anna told me that my best chance for finding such one was going to MediaMarkt. She explained me the way and I walked and think for around 40 minutes and suddenly the pavement stopped :S I thought 'shit' - I walked so long and now I had no idea whether I could actually get there by foot! I decided to follow a small path to at least make something out of my walking and heh! there I saw the MediaMarkt! On the other side of the railroads... another 15 looking for a way to cross and I was there! :S Shit! Their selection of adapters were even smaller and the boxes used weird screws which meant that I couldn't open them and many my own adapter! Anyway, I looked a bit around and decided to buy a phone for the room =) Now my walk wasn't totally wasted!

Walking home I got a bit sun burned :( but after using some cream I felt okay again. Looking at the different kind of equipment that I had, I found out a way to connect my laptop! Yes! In the evening Lívia came to pick me up with her friend Luciana. We went to the city to get something to drink and later we went to my and Lívia's place to make dinner - quite nice.


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