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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My first visit to Geko

20: [My first visit to Geko] Today I got my first peek at Liu's class as she forgot her umbrella and had to go back into the class room to pick it up. I came around 12:20 to pick her up at her school and afterward we went to the city in order to buy a special kam to use for making her hair glad. After finding a reasonable one, we went to one of the stores of her guest family. Lívia mostly goes there wednesday as she can drive home with the guest mother. I was there, I think 45 minutes, looking around in the store and talking a bit with one of the shop expeditiens called Canina. She showed me and Liu some of her drawings and I drew a funny drawing for her, which she liked a lot. The store is called Geko and they mostly sell alternative things. Like in the shop we were today you can buy hash pipes, water pipes, punker equipment, gothic things and a lot more (just mentioning the things that cought my sight). In the other store they mostly sell things imported from asia (Thailand mostly as far as I know) like beautiful figures, juwery, buda's etc.

Petra, who is the guest mother, didn't have the car today so Lí had to take the bus anyway, but now she didn't have to do it on her own. The rest of my day was quite boring. I worked a lot on my paper for Advanced Computer Graphics and Visual Environments, but I am not getting that far... The teacher expects 10 pages written text and I am stuck at 5,5 :( Actually, I don't really see the point in filling the paper with lots of non-important aspects just to make it unnecessarily long. Doing my work a travel agency called and wanted to sell me a travel... hmm...

When Lillie arrived she brought a mail that my father sent for me and her =D NICE! Really made me happy! Liu brought her 'føntørrer' and together we made her hair glad. I think I am getting OK as doing it, which is good as I have to do it two times a week.


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