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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday, I love sundays!

Sunday was a perfect day... Really, in any way possible. We woke up relaxed, spend two hours eating and talking and enjoying that we had a whole day together. We looked at some of all the old pictures we had, both some I have taked various places I have been, but more important those we have taken of us. It is so nice to relive some of these very nice moments that we have had together, and Lillie also told me that she is very happy that we have these to look back at.

Around five, I think, we went walking a bit. We ended up walking to Innstad and then later to Ingling which is in Austria :) So, cool that Austria is so close by... and what a wonderful walk was that!!!

On the way back we met the German teacher of Lívia and her Brazilian (hihi :)) husband. They both seemed very kind. We walked a bit further in the city of Passau and took the shortcut back to our place.

Today, Lívia told me that she don't think that she can live without me. I don't think I can live without her anymore either. I really don't think so... I love her so much. My love, you are so precious to me! Eu te amo, mais que tenho palavras!


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