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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Today was a nice day! Yesterday I felt a bit bad at work as I had to get help for everything. Everything was new and I felt that I had nothing to contribute with. Today was a bit different. In the morning I walked Lillie to school and went back again as I first had to meet around 9:30 (might change later). Here I prepared my self for the day by taking a shower, dumping some chocolate bars in my back and finding all the papers that I needed to bring.

At work I went to the secretary and she helped me fill our the remaining papers. I took 2 hours free from work and went out to get a bank account (whoo! now I can transfer my money). I searched a bit on the net with help from Wolfgang and it seemed that I could get a free student account by one of the banks. I went there and they turned out to be very very kind! I think I was there 1,5 hours, drinking coffee and being explained everything about the German bank system. The woman helping me was very nice and curious about what I was doing here in Germany, my girlfriend, how I met her, etc and we had a nice conversation. After leaving the bank I felt proud of my self! For 1,5 hour I had been speaking about difficult things related to banking IN GERMAN! I never knew that I could get so far with my German.

Today I got keys for my work, and I am happy that they already trust me that much. I also got to work a bit further. My exact assignment was explained to me and I started doing some brainstorming and made a draft roadmap as well. Cool, now I feel that I am contributing! YES!

Lívia came early today! :D :D :D So niiice! Juhuuu!!! I have kind of ran out of money, but Líllie is very good at helping me! She really is... it really does feel like we are a small family!

I have been feeling very tired these last days, and it is not that I have worked that hard. I guess it is because I am concentrating speaking and understanding German the whole day long... if so, I guess it will better with time. It is weird. I have been at my work for 2 days now, and it feels like I have been there for weeks...


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