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Monday, April 25, 2005

First day at work

So today was my first day at work and I was kind of nervous... not really, but I had no idea how the people would be or welcome me. Finding the place was my first problem as it wasn't situated in the University building as I thought. It turned out that it is the building right next to where Lívia studies German! Cool! Next week I will ask if I can get my lunch break (at least some of the days) around 12:20 so that I can meet up with her :) Would be nice!

The people turned out to be very nice and friendly! Really, a lot more than I expected. A guy called Wolfgang is helping me along my way and my first day mostly consisted of configuring my new computer, installing the required software packages. I also had to learn to use Eclipse and set it up to check out the *many* required CVS modules and make them build.

The day was really relaxed. About an hour after I arrived we went to drink coffee and eat cake together as it was the boss' birthday! Around noon we walked to the Mensa, which is the university cantine. Mensa is a really nice place and you get really good food there for a very affordable price (around 2 euros for a nice meal ~ dinner). Unfortunately, I am out of money and cannot join the rest of the week. While walking there I talked a bit more to Wolfgang and told about my Brazilian girlfriend. It turned out that he had just arrived from a vacation in Rio de Jeneiro where his girlfriend had been doing an internship =)

Puh, I signed so many papers today :S You have no idea how many things you have to sign just to do an internship! Well, some are also due to the fact that I am working for a company owned by the state (university). Then you are in fact working for the state and you need to sign various papers for the sake of national security :)

I called Liu when I got home and she was very excited to hear about my day :) Her guest family didn't arrive which meant that she couldn't go to be so early as usual :( Anyway, she would take the next bus so I started to prepare dinner... unfortunately, the parents still didn't arrive and she came even later :S Anyway, the dinner sucked :P I dropped a big amount of peper in it and :S it was almost uneatable :S so much for trying ones best :P


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