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Monday, May 23, 2005

Ha quando tempo...

Long time since I wrote anything, but I haven't felt like it.

My internship is progressing accordantly to the plan and I kind of like it. The weather has also been fine, which is good as I have to move all my and Lívias stuff to our new room in the beginning of next month. Yes, we got a new room. Kind of small, but I think it will be okay for the time we will be staying there.

Lívia is going to concentrate on her German studies and it thus not working for her Au Pair family any longer. I think it is for the best and Lívia seems more happy now. It is of course a bit more complicated as we have to take care of many things as for instance getting a new insurance, etc ... but soon this will all be taken care of and we will be less stresses again =)

I hope you are all good!


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