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The life and feelings of an individual not like the most.

Thursday, April 20, 2006 bed at 6, up at 7 and arrgg... back to bed... yeah... was supposed to go to work, but it turned out that I needed more sleep.

Yesterday I was supposed to go with Paula to a party at RWL, but she got a job in Düsseldorf so she had to get up quite early... so anyway I went to her place and we went together to Zülpicherplatz to meet some friends of her that were going to the party as well... I met some other people there that I knew already, like Mr. Schönheit aka Enrique, Lisa, ... blah blah... anyway, it was quite nice and later some of us went to the party and met some other people which means that I am invited to parties for the next 3 days...

Anyway, around 3 today I went to the university to meet Sylvia and we went a bit to the city to look around... really cozy :) ... Later her mother came and we went to look at some rooms Sylvia is interested in and later we went for a cup of coffee..

.... so that was a brief update on my life... until next time.


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