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Monday, January 31, 2005

Ingmar dropped by...

I just read on NPR that Brazil will move 300,000 government computers from Microsoft's Windows operating system to open source software! That is really cool as Brazil are now spending more money on paying Microsoft licenses than on fighting hunger! I am happy to have helped making these alternatives viable! Another related article can be found on FOXNews. Check it out, this is cool news! Maybe my chances for finding work there are increasing :D

This saturday, Ingmar came visiting me. I don't exactly remember how I got in contact with him, but I think he saw something that I wrote on the internet and contacted me. Since then, we have been talking a bit on and off as we are both interested in Low Saxon. Ingmar came by to meet me and at the same time make some recordings of his dialect. He brought me a copy of a Southern Jutish - Low Saxon dictionary that he bought in Denmark. Cool! He also gave me a nice old map of Denmark - in DUTCH! =) I hanged it up sunday and it looks really cool on my wall! It was cool meeting him and I enjoyed the day. I hope that he liked the lunch that I made for him, since I tried making traditional Danish æggekage :) Quite easy to make and really delicious - at least, I think that!

On this picture we see Ingmar just before we went walking in the city.


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