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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Various ramblings

I guess that many of you have seen the recently re-released pictures of Microsoft's Bill Gates posing in front of a computer running Microsoft software. Well, if you haven't, you can watch the funny pictures here. Anyway, Novell employee, friend of me, and one of the most important influence-rich personalities within the field of IT, Miguel de Icaza, apparently found the pictures funny and decided to pose in front of their product, Novell Linux Desktop :). The pictures are taken by his good friend Nat Friedmann who also works for Novell. The photos can be seen here: 1, 2, 3. Very funny! And no, even though that these pics might suggest it, Miguel is not gay. In-fact, he is married to Laura.

5 days till I am with my girlfriend again!!! YES!!! It is getting closer and closer.

Last time I was there I had a delay of 2 hours in Frankfurt am Main and when I finally got on the train I didn't have a reservation for a seat anymore...So I had to stand up for a long time :S Well, I read on the papers that I got along with the tickets, that if I had a delay of more than 1 hour I could get a refund! Cool, so I went complaining and started hoping for 20 euros :P Yesterday, I finally got a letter from the NS, with the wording '...U verzoekt ons om restitutie. Graag delen wij u mee dat wij aan dit verzoek zullen voldoen. Binnen drie weken kunt u een bedrag van 2 EUR op rekeningnummer ... verwachten.' (Dutch). Gosh! hahaha...well, that was far less than 20 euros =) Actually, it almost costed them the same sending me the letter. Oh, well :P


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