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Monday, January 31, 2005

Ready for tomorrow

So, the exam is tomorrow! I think I made quite a nice presentation! It is about A look at Programming Methods for solving problems of current Software Development. Take a look at it, if interested! I have also uploaded the latest version of the paper to my website.

I was talking about my presentation with my friend George (who is half Danish btw!) and he found the topic interesting and went to my practise session =). That was quite nice of him, as it is a lot nicer doing a presentation in front of a real audience instead of doing it just for myself.

This morning I bumbed into Jan and he said: 'Hey, who do we got there'. I said: 'hmm, Kenneth I suppose', where after Jan said 'No, no, our champion drinker!' :S hmm, what kind of image are I making of my self here?! :S Oh, apparently Jan just wanted me to participate in a Drinking Competition! hah...oh well..I am now on the team :) Luckely the competition is not about drinking so much as possible, but about drinking very quickly. Puh, that means less headache the day after!


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